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Since starting out my food blogging hobby years ago, I've come to learn about, and appreciate wine & food pairing. Out of the wine pairing occasions I've been invited to, Australia's New World Wine is definitely one of the most memorable ones for me. Seriously, anyone living in Australia is absolutely blessed with having access to some of the world's finest wine regions, (almost) at their doorsteps. For example: Hunter Valley (NSW), Yarra Valley (VIC), Margaret River (WA), Barossa Valley (SA). Over the years, I'd become acquainted with some of these, even since before I moved Down Under. So the thought of visiting one of these wine regions got me real excited...until I realized that I'm faced with hundreds of possible wineries to visit! uh oh...
Twenty Five Doors online platform that's changing the wine experience (
Access exclusive cellar door experiences in select wineries
The next big question becomes: Which ones should I visit? Which wineries offer the kind of wines & experience that I personally like? I dislike the thought of having to rely on generic reviews from other people, who might have totally different preferences than mine. But at the same time, I can't possibly visit each and every wineries, to actually rate and rank them out, for obvious reason: limited time.

Honestly, I would have given up and followed online reviews. But thanks to this new Australian startup, Twenty Five Doors, now I can actually personalise my own wine cellar itineraries and gain exclusive access to premium wine cellar experiences that are traditionally offered only to the wine clubs members. All that convenience, without having to commit or bound to just one wine club!

Despite the below-expectation first time experience visiting Hunter Valley, I still managed to capture some beautiful images of the region:
Twenty Five Doors online platform that's changing the wine experience (
Hunter Valley, NSW
Twenty Five Doors online platform that's changing the wine experience (
Twenty Five Doors online platform that's changing the wine experience (
Twenty Five Doors online platform that's changing the wine experience (

Nobody likes the stress of Google-ing tons of wineries, or scouring through millions of online reviews from 'experts', only to end up having to queue for a rushed wine tasting experience with sales staff whose only intent is to let you sample what they think you might buy. Am I right? That, unfortunately, happened to me when I first visited Hunter Valley last summer. I had rather unpleasant experience, that I actually felt the whole wine tourism thing was perhaps overrated. Luckily, Twenty Five Doors, a brand new online platform, is finally here to change the way people discover wine (Cheers to that!).
Twenty Five Doors online platform that's changing the wine experience (
Won't it be amazing to have a private tasting session with the winemakers themselves?
Twenty Five Doors online platform that's changing the wine experience (
Or to enjoy such an elaborate cheese and cold cut board with the premium wines, reserved just for Twenty Five Doors members?

To put things simply, Twenty Five Doors membership grants you access to:

Personalised Wine Region Itineraries
Access to free & personalised, self-guided itinerary of the wine region that you are visiting, just like having a wine expert best friend who gives you the perfect recommendation of places that you'll actually love!

Premium Cellar Door Experiences
Unless you're a member of the winery's wine club (which charges membership fee or have minimum purchase commitments that will set you back hundreds of $$$), you'll only gain access as far as the sales counter is. But with Twenty Five Doors, the members can gain access to the finer hospitality experiences personalised by the winemakers themselves. Talk about premium experience here!

Special Members-only Offers 
How can you possibly pick just one winery? I can't. You might like just the shiraz from X winery, but you like the moscato from the other winery. Twenty Five Doors solves this dillemma by giving you exclusive wine cellar experience that wine club members enjoy, without having to commit to just 1 winery.
Twenty Five Doors online platform that's changing the wine experience (
Premium Cellar Door Experiences for Twenty Five Doors members

These are 2 different membership levels available at the moment:

1. First Door Angels ($999 per person - one time payment)
- Limited to only 125 persons, until sold out.
- Lifetime Exclusive membership, inclusive 20 premium experience passes & no transaction fees charged in the wine club
- VIP invite to all Twenty Five Doors Events
- Membership is transferable, what better legacy to inherit to your child(ren) or grandchild(ren) right?
- 2 bottles of 2013 Brokenwood Beechworth Pinot Noir magnums & 2 Riedel Pinot Noir glasses

2. Second Door Pre-Release ($59 per person, charged annually)
- Limited to 2,500 members only, available until 31st December 2017.
- 10 premium wine cellar experience passes /year (normally only 4 passes /year)
- Lifetime no transaction fees in wine clubs (normally $5.95 / order)
- Fixed lifetime annual membership price. No price increase even 25 or 100 years later!

If that's not good enough, by redeeming my discount codes on checkout, you can get these additional perks:

+ Discount code 'ellyna-FIRST'
Valid for First Door Angels membership
Receive 5 additional premium experiences per year (valued at $75pa)

+ Discount code 'ellyna-SECOND'
Valid for Second Door Annual Membership
Get $10 off, for a lifetime!

1. Click 'Become a Member'
2. Click 'Redeem'
3. Type in code 'ellyna-FIRST' or 'ellyna-SECOND'
4. Click 'Redeem'
5. Click 'Add Membership'
6. Click 'basket' to checkout and the $10 discount or the 5 additional premium experiences will be added to your order.

How to redeem Twenty Five Doors Discount code
So, if I were you, I'd quickly open Twenty Five Doors' website in a new tab, and purchase a few membership subscription to gift my loved ones this festive season. I believe the gift of experience is more memorable than gifting something tangible, because things may break, but a wonderful experience will never fade from the memories :) 


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