Redfern's Newest Hangout: Misfits Bar & Dining

Hey guys, can you believe it's already Spring in Australia (and Autumn in Northern Hemisphere)...How time literally flies! While the weather is still mildly chill and pleasant, I thought what better way to celebrate the new season than with a few drinks and delectable dishes, at this brand new speakeasy-style bar and dining at Redfern, Sydney...

The venue looks nondescript from outside. In fact, unless you know what you're looking for, chances are you'll likely miss it from outside. Besides the speakeasy-esque facade, the interior itself is a clever play of an open bar with a wall lined with an assorted elixir that will make one happy (and t*psy - drink in moderation guys!), which flows into a more private dining area.


Keep your eyes out for a particular bookshelf, which opens out into a cosy private lounge and a lovely rooftop terrace! This private lounge is perfect if you plan to host a private party / event, it's small enough to feel intimate yet spacious to fit up to 30 pax (my personal estimate, for exact number, please contact the team).

The 'secret' lounge through the bookcase-door

I fancied a nice and sweet cocktail for starters, so Mr. Bartender recommended Spice 'n' Berries to me...I'm a sweet tooth, so this was perfect for a sweet aperitif before the savoury fare.
Cocktail: Spice 'n' Berries - Stolen Spiced Rum served with amaretto, blackberry jam, apple, lemon & egg white AU$ 18
Melbourne Bitter Beer AU$ 5 (schooner)
Choosing from the menu is quite hard to be honest, because everything seems interesting (bacon jam or charcoal crisps anyone??). In the end, decision has to be made and these were our picks:
Smoked Beef Tartare with charcoal crisps AU$ 20 / 28 (entree / mains portion)
Roast Double Lamb Cutlet (1 chop & 1 pulled lamb, fried in flour batter) served with eggplant, smoked potato mash and broccolini AU$ 32
Left: Blue Cheese Polenta Chips with (super addictive) bacon jam AU$12
Right: My favourite of all, the fried pulled lamb
Chocolate cake with candied beetroot, marshmallow buttermilk cream AU$ 14
Other than the quirky venue and perhaps some standard drinks, I was not expecting much else, to be honest...I know prejudice is terrible, but I've never been happier to be proven wrong! The dishes above were not just pretty to sight, but also incredibly tasty. What I also like about Misfits is the music, which was just at the right volume and perfect for the atmosphere. The crowd that comes here are the cool (but not posh-y) lot too, so feel free to be and behave like yourselves!

I will be back for sure, even just for a few drinks, to soak up the fun atmosphere over great food and beverage selection.

*) Prices are in Australian Dollar 

Open Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 4pm - Late
Friday: 11:30am - Late
Saturday & Sunday: 3pm - Late

106 George Street
Redfern, Sydney
NSW 2106
Ph: +61 (02) 9318 1497

Instagram: @misfits_bardining



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