Dawn of Haute Dessert Era, Salz Zucker by Grace. D

Melbourne bred - Indonesian born pastry chef, Grace Dharmawan's homecoming couldn't be at any more appropriate timing. With the growing F&B scene here, local foodies are much more ready and receptive to what Grace has to offer, in the form of Salz Zucker, a dessert pop up and patisserie concept.

Currently popping up at various venues around town, Salz Zucker introduces the concept of haute dessert to local gourmands. But, what do I mean with this so-called haute dessert? This is not an official term in the culinary world, but it's what I like to use to refer to artfully plated dessert that deviates from the classic, in terms of recipes, ingredients and presentation. Sometimes, this kind of dessert happens by chance, like Massimo Battoura's serendipitous 'Oops! I Dropped The Lemon Tart' dessert, or the result of a careful thought process & calculation by the pastry chef. Either way, both have one common thread: beautiful presentation, much like a piece of art, each crafted especially like unique individuals.

Having tried Grace's creation at various pop up events, I can testify for the desserts she created. They're not only pleasing to look at (almost too pretty to eat), but the taste is also one of a kind.
Grace Dharmawan, Indonesian born, Melbourne bred pastry chef, the conceptor of Salz Zucker dessert concept
Currently, Jakarta has no shortage of dessert places, although majority of them are familiar, comfort type, created to please the masses kind of dessert. Even at fine dining restaurants, the dessert mostly stay within the classic range: Chocolate fondant / lava, panna cotta, etc, nothing too exciting. But in the recent times, with many brilliant talents returning to Indonesia, a lot has improved. If in Singapore or Hong Kong thematic dessert omakase is a common sight, in Indonesia, this is still a once in a blue moon occasion, like this once I had here by another brilliant, Australian-educated, Indonesia female pastry chef.

Pause-Cafe-Emilie-Restaurant-Jakarta(www.culinarybonanza.com) Salz-Zucker-Dessert-by-Grace-Dharmawan-(www.culinarybonanza.com)

In every dessert pop up events, Grace offers not more than 10 dessert on the menu, because each of them are plated to order. Grace, with the help of her assistants, would do the plating herself. Considering all the efforts that went to prepare every single elements of and the painstaking effort to plate, the price charged is truly worth it. One might even pay more for a classic boring dessert at other fine dining restaurants or restaurants overseas, which is ridiculous.

Rice - roasted rice ice cream, coconut rice cubes, rice cracker, passion fruit pate de fruit, chocolate mousseline IDR 70,000
This number is a nod to one of the cities in Java, Semarang, where Grace uses 'Wingko Babat', a traditional coconut-based sweet delicacy. It's definitely original and I've not encountered anything like this before!
Valentine's - raspberry & milk chocolate ganache, cherry sponge, raspberry vodka jelly, olive choco crumble, candied hazelnut IDR 70,000
Not only does it look good, it's such a delight for chocolate and liquor fans like myself. Oh the real olive bits used in the choco crumble is quite a unique surprise too, who would knew the two could combine so well?
Milk - milk tea panna cotta, apple jelly, speculoos milk solids, apple milk, almond tuile IDR 75,000
Plated like a terrarium, don't it look fancy?
Cacaocha - matcha creme brulee. roasted white chocolate ice cream, textures of chocolate IDR 85,000
Matcha and chocolate comb, may be more classic than the other menus by Grace, but it's also one of my personal favourite, just because, that matcha mousse!!
PB & J - chocolate shortbread, peanut butter custard, varieties of grapes IDR 80,000
Like a trail of assorted grapes, processed differently, 'blooming' into the peanut butter & jelly 'flower'
The thing about dessert, is that not many are sweet tooth, so there has to be the right balance of sugar, to keep people digging in and to be acceptable to non-dessert fans. Grace's creations so far, has done a good job, in my honest opinion. I can't ask for a better experience than this, but it won't hurt at all, if in the near future, Grace could have her own dessert cafe like this one in Singapore. So let's just cross our fingers ya =)

*) Prices are subject to Tax & Service Charge

Salz Zucker by Grace. D
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