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Having spent 4 years living and studying in Singapore, I know that local Singaporean food (the no frills, hawker style) can contain paradoxes, for example, the very brown to almost black char kway teow that's deceivingly bland (meh!). BUT there are some very rich and flavourful dishes that actually make me miss Singapore every now and then, such as Hainan Chicken Rice, Chili Crab, Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Roti Pratha and Murtabak. I'm happy to know that I need not hop on a plane and fly for 2 hours just to satisfy my craving for a serving of Carrot Cake or Hokkien Mee. "Where got such thing one in Jekartah? Now got...! (*switches back to proper English) Now let me show you to this new place k?

Walao-Eh Serpong (
Walao-eh! is a new concept by Dwiputra Group (Rice Bowl, Ce Wei, Cuppa Coffee), that's taken residence at Dwiputra's newly minted building in Gading Serpong. Yeah, I admit the location is probably the biggest resistance for folks from Jakarta, but for those living in this area, it's a great addition to the local existing choice of (somewhat still mediocre) family friendly restaurants.

I like their attempt to create a modern and clean interior, with big tables to accommodate big families, as well as the vintage trinkets and wall decor thrown in to take guests momentarily to the glorious era in the past. Its spacious dining area is great for big groups, especially for kids who can't sit still for a minute, but for those who require privacy, there are also private and semi private areas. 
Walao-Eh Serpong (
Some vintage elements in the interior
The menu is a foolproof kind, especially for Asian families, regardless of their age and gender because everyone will definitely find something that they like here. From a la carte Chinese dishes to pair with plain rice, porridge, noodles, rice bowl, fried rice, appetizers to classic Western dishes. It's either they're playing it too safe, or they just can handle so much food inventory in the kitchen. Either way, you can order an Australian Sirloin, Pecel Madiun and Hainan Chicken Rice at one go.

The over-sized portion's great for sharing meal, but most importantly, the price is super worth it, considering the price and quality. Prepare to be shocked by the size when the dishes arrive at your table, such as these:
Walao-Eh Serpong (
Indonesian Fried Sampler (a tray of fried tofu, tempeh, wonton, cassava, corn fritters served with sweet soya sauce, chili sace and salt for dipping) IDR 65,500
The above comes on a tray, a TRAY people, how cray is that? LOL. Eat them fried stuff til you drop!
Walao-Eh Serpong (
Walao-Eh Serpong (
Tom Yam Fried Rice IDR 54,500
Walao-Eh Serpong (
Hainan Chicken Set Lunch (with soup and vegetables) IDR 58,500
Walao-Eh Serpong (
Shrimp Omelette IDR 52,500
Walao-Eh Serpong (
Walao-Eh Serpong (
Laksa Seafood IDR 52,500
Walao-Eh Serpong (
Mie Goreng Mamak IDR 52,500
Walao-Eh Serpong (
Ice Tea IDR 18,500  |  Ice Milo T-Rex IDR 41,500
YES, the tea comes served in that huge tin cup and the Milo T-Rex is enough to feed 4 person or even more!
Walao-Eh Serpong (
Es Walao-Eh IDR 55,500
My personal favourite has got to be the Hainan Chicken Rice (love the tender chicken!), Tom Yum Fried Rice and Shrimp Omelette. The Mie Goreng Mamak, while quite spicy and on the sweet notes, might actually appeal to some (not so much me though, I like dry, Indonesian style mie goreng LOL!). These dishes are definitely recommended. 

As for the Laksa Seaood, I feel I'd like it better if it had used the classic white laksa noodles instead of yellow. Also, be warned about the Es Walao-Eh, the giant portion will definitely get you claiming in shock and calling out the restaurant name simultaneously.

PS: OPENING Promo, discount 30% on all food, or simply post and tag @WalaoEhIndonesia on Instagram to claim your 30% discount.

Open hours:
10 AM - 10 PM (daily)

*) Prices are subject to Government Tax & Service Charge

Dwiputra Office Building
Jl Boulevard Gading Serpong Blok M5 No. 5
Gading Serpong - Tangerang Selatan - 15810
Ph: +6221 80646232
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