Spotted New Healthy Cafe: Beets & Bouts

Mom always says "eat yo greens", well, how can you say no if the greens look pretty and colourful like this...
Smoothie Bowls
Ever since I returned from Raja Ampat, my friends told me that I lost a wee bit of weight *gasp. I'm happy to hear this, but I know that I'm still nowhere near my ideal weight. So, in order to maintain this, I've been eating relatively clean lately, avoiding fried and oily stuff, and even go to the extreme of trying to be vegetarian (with considerable success, but I gave up at the sight of a bowl of steamy toripaitan ramen topped with chicken chashu, dang!). Well, anyway, the trend of eating healthy is not just a food fad like rainbow cake or cronut (hopefully) was, because we can see there are more and more cafes selling healthy food or even ones entirely dedicated to offering healthy men, such as this one in SCBD.
Beets and Bouts is located at the parking basement of Fairgrounds. So what makes me willing to drive almost 10km in the morning to SCBD, do my 10 km run on empty tummy and return for my healthy reward here?

The place itsef is just a nice size, with glass windows, where the space allows. Not very idea for picture taking though, because the light from outside is somewhat blue-ish but the inside's lighting is warm yellow. Editing the photos were quite challenging *lol. Buuut all that aside, the place makes a cosy spot for hangout, or even to read books over healthy snack.
The menu is 2 pages long, featuring healthy smoothie bowls, acai bowls, and various types of smoothies, cold press juices, cold brew coffee, and even some savoury fares like salad, brown rice, sandwich, all of them are homemade and healthy. The wide variety and the price range are definitely more reasonable than the one in Dharmawangsa.
Big Acai Parfait - Acai Fresca (organic acai, mixed berries, pineapple, kiwi, red dragon fruit, granola, passion fruit) IDR 60,000
Energy Pod - Kebuli Pod (red spiced rice with tofu and green chili chicken) IDR 37,000

Open Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7 am - 8.30 pm
Saturday: 7 am - 6 pm
Sunday: 7 am - 12 noon

*) Prices are subject to Tax

Beets & Bouts
Fairgrounds, SCBD
Basement (Parking level)
Ph: +6281280159339

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