Chir Chir Chicken Arrives in Jakarta!

Do the word fried chicken make your lips smack or your tummy rumble in excitement? I've some good news for serious, hardcore, faithful fried chicken lovers in Jakarta. Hear hear, Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory that's made a huge name in Singapore, is now finally available in our very own jammed city. Let's toast over Chir Cream Beer*)!

*) Chir Chir's beer topped with a dollop of whipped cream
The location is somewhat frustrating but at the same time it can't be more appropriate for foodies in town. At Pantai Indah Kapuk, depending on what time you come, the traffic can be a nightmare and finding a parking space is like a game with the Wheel of Fortune. But anyways, being in one of the hottest food 'town' in Jakarta, Chir Chir indirectly vouches itself a constant stream of customers from far and wide. I won't say this if their products aren't as good as the reputation.

So, before they publicly open for the public, a few of us went to pay a visit (and feast). We're quite let down because not all of the menus were available yet at the time of our visit, but I'm happy to say that all the hype's been real and not just tall tales.

So, everything on the menu looks good. It's chicken, some fried, some roasted, some boneless, some with bone-in. some salad and comfort carbs, and some beers / beer-infused drinks to go with the fried chicken. In general, the menu is very easily likeable by both adults & especially kids, even the salads! If you don't like fresh leafy salad, the Honey Grape salad makes eating veggie a breeze! I would order without the whipped cream the next time though. And the mango salad, don't be fooled by the price, because it comes in a huge bowl. The menu said it's supposed to have blueberries, but I found none apparently (or maybe I just wasn't lucky).

Honey Grape Salad - green grapes with nuts, topped with ricotta & whipped cream IDR 99,000
Mango Salad - with yogurt dressing, fresh mango cubes & blueberries IDR 49,000
Now, time to assess the fried chicken! What I like from the tender chickens (boneless) by Chir Chir is the meat's juicy and seasoned to the core. The seasoning is not too overpowering, just enough to keep us digging for more. I like the Nest Snow chicken, for the creamy sauce served with it, and again, I'd rather have it without the whipped cream topping. But all in all, this place is a diet buster (in a guilty, tummy-filling way) LOL, so all's well.
Garlicky Chicken - crispy fried chicken in special soy sauce topped with crunchy garlic flakes IDR 159,000
Nest Snow - chicken tenders with cajun seasoning, topped with cream sauce & sweet salad IDR 159,000
Oh, everything served here come in gigantic portion, hence it's best to visit with a squad so you could order more items to try. But no one's going to throw dagger eyes if you finish the whole platter by yourself =P

*) Prices are subject to Government Tax & Service Charge

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory Indonesia
Ruko Garden House B20
Pantai Indah Kapuk - North Jakarta

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