Attack of The Claws: Dancing Crab is Back!

Happy New Year 2016 everyone! This is my very first post of this year and I'm sorry, it took me 17 days to write the first one this year, due to a rather impulsive, yet crucial plan that will decide my future. Details will be revealed soon once everything is confirmed, but in the meantime, let me tempt you with some seafood porn from this new (or rather, re-opened?) Lousiana seafood restaurant. So, get your claw-crushers ready for some finger-lickin' adventure.
Dancing Crab Louisiana Seafood in Jakarta (
With Louisiana Seafood, your food comes out from a plastic bag and laid out on your table, sans any plate. Don't be surprised!
Just fyi, Dancing Crab is a concept by Tung Lok Group, a successful F&B group from Singapore, which runs its own flagship Chinese restaurants and a handful other brands in Singapore, Japan, China, Vietnam and Indonesia (some are centrally managed or through local franchise partners). Actually Dancing Crab in Indonesia was already open less than 1 year ago, back in Feb 2015 at one of the shopping malls in Jakarta. However, due to one reason or another, it recently abandoned the shopping mall and re-opened as a stand-alone restaurant, at Jalan Gunawarman, (currently) the mecca for prime F&B establishments in town.

Dancing Crab Louisiana Seafood in Jakarta (
Dancing Crab Louisiana Seafood in Jakarta (
Dancing Crab Louisiana Seafood in Jakarta (

I personally think the location is quite a (highly) risky bet. Undeniably, it's a prime spot, the same address that once was occupied by a dessert cafe from Surabaya, Le Cafe Gourmand (a little digress, the cafe generated a lot of hype in the beginning, but somehow couldn't keep the customers excited for long). With Dancing Crab opening at its current location, that makes a total of 3 Louisiana Seafood style restaurants within 1 km radius of Gunawarman-Senopati-Wolter area!

Anyway, back the main topic: Dancing Crab - is it just like the other Lousiana Seafood places? I'm terribly tempted to say yes just for being lazy, but it sets itself apart from the competition in a few ways. 
Dancing Crab Louisiana Seafood in Jakarta (

Firstly, there is this Lunch Menu, featuring 9 diverse, seemingly random dishes, ranging from Seafood Laksa, Jamaican Black Pepper Beef, to Waffles & Chicken. I tried the Crab Meat Fried Rice and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The fried rice comes with a nicely half-done sunny side up egg on top.

We had the Combo Bag #01, bag full of piping hot treats like a whole crab, prawn, clams, mussels, sausages, corn, carrots, potatoes. It was good enough to share among up to 4 persons. We had the Combo Bag with the Dancing Crab Signature Sauce, which is dominantly sweet, savoury and boldly spicy, it was only Mild level (the lowest level of spiciness) and I was still hissing from the heat! Other sauces available are Zesty Garlic Butter, Beurre Blanc, Herb Butter, Chili Sauce & Black Pepper. You can try the different sauces for additional IDR 20,000/bowl.
Dancing Crab Louisiana Seafood in Jakarta (
Combo Bag #01 with Dancing Crab Signature Sauce (Mild) IDR 628,000
Dancing Crab Louisiana Seafood in Jakarta (

The side dishes didn't disappoint either. We had some classic Snack items, but there are actually a few attention-catchers, which I promise to try the next time I'm there, such as the Seafood Gumbo and Beer Batter Cajun Calamari. I honestly enjoyed the Truffle Fries and Garlic Noodles!

Dancing Crab Louisiana Seafood in Jakarta (
Truffle Fries IDR 45,000
Dancing Crab Louisiana Seafood in Jakarta (
Grilled Butter Roll IDR 16,000
Garlic Noodles IDR 30,000
Dancing Crab Louisiana Seafood in Jakarta (
Lemonades IDR 28,000
Dancing Crab Louisiana Seafood in Jakarta (
Crab Meat Fried Rice IDR 59,500
So, I came here with my Mum (she's my personal gauge to judge Chinese or seafood restaurants) and she enjoyed her meal here. Although she did say that she'd prefer to have her crab with another sauce that's not sweet, so I guess the Zesty Garlic Butter sauce would be better for those who have similar taste preferences. Not a seafood fan? No worries at all, because at Dancing Crab, there will be something for everyone.


You should come here for:
- The Seafood Combo, obvs! 
- The Lunch Menu. The 9 items look like serious deals to be reckoned with.
- The 20% Discount during opening period (month of January 2016) 

*) Prices are subject to 10% Tax & 5.5% Service Charge

Dancing Crab
1. Jakarta:
Jl. Gunawarman no. 65 (right opposite Le Quartier)
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan - 12180
Ph: +6221 29305557 / +62 85959983506

2. Bandung:
Jl. Sumatera No. 21
Bandung - 40111
Ph: +6222 4235935 / +62 81910103030

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