Storm's Arrived! Hurricane's Grill Officially Opens Indonesia

There has been so much hype about this particular steak house, even months before it was finally open to public, especially among my fellow Indonesians who've spent some time in Sydney or has been in that city...Now that the 'Hurricane' has successfully crossed the wild Indian Ocean and landed safely in Jakarta, I couldn't help but to wonder what they hype was all about...
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
From Sydney to Jakarta...
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia is located at the currently much hyped F&B hub in Jakarta, the premium (and hard-to-find-parking-unless-you-valet) Gunawarman-Senopati stretch. I have to say location wise it can't have picked a better spot, because in order for a new establishment to be noticed in Jakarta these days, this is THE area that it has to be at. 

Being located in this prime area gives a place an unwritten excuse to charge more than restaurants in the shopping mall. So, if compared to other steak houses, Hurricane's Grill's prices is like that of Alba truffle's compared with farmed champignon mushrooms...LOL ok, I may be exaggerating, but I have heard some rather strong remarks about its price tags.

The restaurant and bar itself is set in a newly renovated, 2 storey building, although it seems that only the ground level is open for the guests. The interior is a mature and elegant play of dark elements, occasionally interrupted by the tartan pattern of the chair and island sofas, and greenery from the plants. Ambiance wise, it is indeed a comfortable place to sit, dine and hang out at.
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (

I've never been to Hurricane's Grill in Sydney, so I have no point of comparison except from the tales told by friends who had been there or, from my own experience from eating at other steak houses. I know as a foodie I should've came visiting with zero expectations, but I couldn't help but to be influenced by the hoopla.

Hurricane's Grill is focused on its protein (meat, seafood and grill), served in assorted forms and shapes, from plain steak or ribs, sandwich or burger, with rice or fries, you name it. I haven't seen any pasta on the menu yet, so that's probably one of the unique qualities that sets it apart from the more generic & franchised competitors. Without further ado, let's see how the food was like from simple Appetizers to Dessert...
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
Soup of The Day (changes daily) IDR 68,000
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
Left: Caesar Salad (lettuce, croutons, anchovies, shaved parmigiano & caesar dressing) IDR 128,000 | with pork floss +IDR 70,000
Right: Seafood Platter (fried, salt & pepper calamari, mussels, garlic prawns, scallops, prawn villa moura & salmon) IDR 1,288,000
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
Beef Ribs (Full rack) IDR 448,000 - tender ribs meat with generous BBQ marinade
But if you can eat non-Halal, I'd strongly suggest you to eat the Pork Ribs instead
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
Portuguese Chicken (whole), marinated with peri-peri sauce IDR 248,000
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
Double Decker Burger (double beef patties, melted cheese, onion rings & signature mushroom sauce) IDR 288,000
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
Steak Roll (tenderloin fillet with caramelized onion, aioli, rocket salad & brown bread) IDR 238,000
PS: ask for medium cooked steak and you'll get incredible tender & juicy tenderloin fillet!
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
Pork Belly IDR 258,000
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
Crispy crackling and tender meat, would be even better the pork belly could be juicy too.
The Dessert's portion are quite generous (except for the Chocolate Fudge Cakes, which is still manageable for 1 person to finish), so sharing with your meal buddy(ies) would be a good idea...
Chocolate Fudge Cake (
Chocolate Fudge Cake IDR 68,000
Caramel Mars Bar Cheesecake (
Caramel Mars Bar Cheesecake IDR 128,000
Hurricane's Grill Indonesia (
Left: took a bite off the corner of the square cake
Right: Pistachio Berries Cake IDR 68,000
I won't try to make sense of the prices, but part of it definitely goes to the large servings. Take for example the Seafood Platter (which fetches a price tag of >IDR 1 million), is actually share-able among 3 to 4 persons (even more if you're petite). Plus, prices of meat recently has been hitting an all-time high like fever, so there...

I personally found the food here to be quite enjoyable, especially the ribs, because a visit to Hurricane's Grill is only valid after you've tried its best-selling, Signature Pork Ribs. The Ribs are quite special indeed (although I had hoped it could be more smoky). Quite curiously, I'm actually sold by the new item on its menu, the tender & juicy Steak Roll instead. Well that's probably what I can personally afford here anyway, so I don't sweat about it and that also probably explains my curious preference.

*) Prices are subject to Service Charge & Government Tax

Open Hours:
Monday - Thursday : 11.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Friday - Saturday : 11.00 AM - 11. 00 PM
Sunday & Public Holidays : 11.00 AM - 10.00 PM

Hurricane's Grill Indonesia
Jl. Gunawarman No. 20
South Jakarta - 12110
Ph: +6221 27513388
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