My First Ever Sake Pairing Dinner

This is going to be a mini post, an in-betweener while I'm preparing for the next lengthy and detailed post of another place in town (stay tuned!).
Sake+ 1st Year Anniversary (

Roughly a year ago, in August 2014, I wrote about a new Japanese restaurant popping in Senopati that also doubles up as a sake retail store. The restaurant was Sake+, a sister brand of Vin+ group of restaurants and wine retailer in Jakarta and Bali. That same Sake+ just recently celebrated its 1st anniversary and for the momentous event, Executive Chef of Sake+, Asano Hiroaki prepared a special dinner for selected guests that evening. Please be advised that these dishes are not available on the regular menu, however, should you be so dead curious to try it, simply express your desire to the chef and who knows he could whip up something for you =)

This event was quite special to me, because it was the first sake-pairing experience that I've ever been to. I mean, I've been to wine-pairing and whisky-pairing dinners, but sake? Not yet, which made me all the more curious to know how different it would be from what I've experienced so far...

Sake+ 1st Year Anniversary (
Sake+ 1st Year Anniversary (

Sake+ 1st Year Anniversary (
Hoseki Bako - fresh assorted raw fish, wrapped in kyuri
Sake pairing: Hakutsuru Namachozo-Shu
"namachozo-shu" is sake stored without heat processing, so it's normally consumed as cold "sake", and makes it possible to experience a "just-squeezed" taste, which is very light, faintly sweet. This type of sake was well paired with a refreshing raw starters of assorted fish and vegetables in creamy sauce.

Sake+ 1st Year Anniversary (
Hotate Kara - squid, kanpachi, clam, tarabagani, potato, scallop with cream miso sauce
Sake pairing: Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori Sake Junmai
Sake+ 1st Year Anniversary (
Using only selected rice and rice koji, "SAYURI" is brewed up carefully with the natural spring water from Mount Rokko. The unfiltered sake looks cloudy, unlike conventional sake and is very slightly silky, having the consistency and appearance of thin barley water.

Sake+ 1st Year Anniversary (
Beef Grill - Japanese Wagyu enoki roll with sauteed horenso
Sake pairing: Shiokawa Cowboy Junmai Ginjo
This dish was my personal favourite of the evening...

Sake+ 1st Year Anniversary (
Unagi Yaki-Onigiri Cha-Zuke - grilled rice ball topped with unagi kabayaki & original broth.
Sake pairing: Koshinohana Honjozo Shuen.
I like the slightly crispy surface of the rice ball and the tender unagi chunks on top.
Sake+ 1st Year Anniversary (
Dorayaki - served with cream cheese ice cream
 Tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu Sake+, cheers for many more anniversaries ahead!
Sake+ 1st Year Anniversary (

Open Hours: 10 AM - 12 AM (daily)

Jl. Senopati No. 54 (click to open in Google Maps)
South Jakarta
Ph: +6221 7250002
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