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Le Grandeur Mangga Dua hotel in North Jakarta has seen better days, before the years and fierce competition from glitzier and newer hotels comes out higher on the search engine of hotels in Jakarta. It's location is actually adjacent to one of Jakarta's busiest electronic shopping center, Mal Mangga Dua, and the hotel has a direct access to the mall, via an entrance on the 1st floor, which is where L'Avant Restaurant is located too...
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Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl
First of all, L'Avant Restaurant is the place where hotel guests have their morning breakfast buffet. The furniture inside is deeply reminiscent of old school hotel, but at least they are well maintained...I like the fact that the big dining hall is well lit and clean...

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Clean and bright interior with a bar in the center

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So, I came to sample its Rice Bowl promotion, basically for a flat price of IDR 40,000 (that's only USD 2.78!!), for which you'll get a Rice Bowl of various choice of meat and free flow tea / green tea. That's considerably affordable for a hotel restaurant standard. There are various Rice Bowl topping that you could choose from, such as Black Pepper Beef, Beef Teriyaki, Gyu Tan Don, Chicken Teriyaki, Sweet and Sour Fish, Spicy Balado Fish, etc. 

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Left: Sweet & Sour Fish Rice Bowl
Right: Beef Black Pepper
rice-bowl-promotion-le-grandeur-mangga-dua-jakarta (
Gyu Don
rice-bowl-promotion-le-grandeur-mangga-dua-jakarta (
A total of 7 types of Rice Bowl to choose from!
Of all the 7 Rice Bowls, my personal favourite is the one with spicy balado fish, it's got the right balance of sweet and heat, I wished there were more fish inside than the rice haha! But oh well, what you pay is what you get! Oh, and the Black Pepper Beef was my next favourite Rice Bowl.

Other than the Rice Bowls, the menu at L'Avant also offers various International and classic Indonesian fares. At the time of my visit, I tried the pizza as well, a piece of Margherita Pizza (medium size), which comes with a bowl of salad with cesar dressing (complimentary).
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Fresh hand-tossed, stone oven baked pizza 
l'avant-restaurant-le-grandeur-mangga-dua-jakarta (

l'avant-restaurant-le-grandeur-mangga-dua-jakarta (
Margherita Pizza IDR 70,000 (includes a complimentary bowl of salad)
l'avant-restaurant-le-grandeur-mangga-dua-jakarta (
Iced Coffee
The Rice Bowl promotion is very price competitive, but to be frank, I like my rice bowl generously stuffed with lots of toppings, moist rice and very umami (to get this kind of rice bowl, it would normally cost at least 2x more and without free flow drink!). So, to be realistic, with this kind of price (IDR 40,000) in a hotel restaurant in Jakarta, this is possibly the best deal that you can get. If you happen to be in the area and feel like filling up on some serious carbs and free flow tea, this could be a wallet-friendly option for you!

Open Hours:
Daily Lunch Buffet : 12 noon - 2.30  pm
Rice Bowl Promotion is available daily from 11 am - 5 pm

*) Prices are subject to Government Tax & Service Charge

L'Avant Restaurant
Jl. Mangga Dua Raya
Jakarta 10730 - Indonesia
Ph: +6221 6128811

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