The Naked Goose Pop Up 2.0.

Still remember William Gozali or WillGoz, one of the few characters whom I've featured on this blog last year (click to read the article I wrote about him) ? He was away to pursue a formal education overseas, but now he's back and is ready to cook u a storm in town through a series of pop ups (and word has it, a new restaurant concept is coming soon too)...
The Naked Goose by Willliam Gozali (
Welcome back William Gozali, the rebellious winner of Masterchef Indonesia season 3 who pursued his education at Le Cordon Bleu, a world class culinary insitution, in Sydney. I bet he has a long list of agenda and ambitious bucket list to tick off, now that he's back to make a good use of his expensive formal education overseas.

The Naked Goose by WillGoz ain't no ordinary Naked Goose. It is his first serious, post-education venture, which shall showcase to the public about Will's real food, in real life, beyond the episodes that audience remembered from Masterchef Indonesia, season 3. Knowing Will in person, I can expect the food he serves to be no non-sense affair.

The Naked Goose first held its pop up dinner sometime early this year at One Fifteenth Coffee, and this time, pop up version 2.0. took place at Nomz Kitchen & Patisserie, a restaurant that belongs to Arnold Poernomo, who is also one of the Judges of Masterchef Indonesia. This time round, Will orchestrated the dinner with another young & aspiring Alpin Reyner (@alpinreyner). Will, might have just found his long lost brother, just look at how much they look alike!The Naked Goose by Willliam Gozali (
The Naked Goose by Willliam Gozali (

So, what sort of dishes did Will and Alpin cook up that night, have a closer look:

1st Course: Cured Salmon, blini, pickled cucumber
Blini is actually thin pancake, which, for this course, is used as the base on which the salmon, sour cream and pickled cucumber sat on. 
The Naked Goose by Willliam Gozali (
Serving for the entire table
The Naked Goose by Willliam Gozali (

2nd Course: Tom Yum Consomme, pan seared scallop, prawn, ikura & mushrooms.
The Naked Goose by Willliam Gozali (

3rd Course: Barramundi, apple kimchi, octopus, chicken skin
The surprise in this dish came from the wafer-thin chicken skin that was arranged perpendicularly to the plate, like a peacock's tail. And this dish also happens to be the favourite dish of everyone at my table.
The Naked Goose by Willliam Gozali (

4th Course: Roasted Duck, red wine jus, pickled shiitake
Just when started to wonder if there was actually a theme to the dinner (if it was supposed to be seafood, because 3 out of the 5 dishes we've been served were all seafood). But turns out the next dish was duck, probably as a tribute to its own name, the Naked Goose.
The Naked Goose by Willliam Gozali (

5th Course: Spiced Choco Delice, salted caramel sauce, orange foam
I must make a point to mention that the dessert was an honestly delightful end to the (food) nakedness that we've had since the first course. I wish some restaurant would serve this, as it's really good and I bet it will be wildly popular!
The Naked Goose by Willliam Gozali (

The Naked Good pop up dinner ver. 2.0. at Nomz Kitchen was a 5 courses dinner with 3 types of wine from Indonesia's very own Sababay winery. It was the first of many more successes that Will should be working hard to achieve. After all, The Naked Goose believes that "food is not about impressing people, it's about making them feel comfortable". I and my friends were comfortably sated that evening so that objective was a mission accomplished. Congrats Will, Alpin and team!

The Naked Goose by Willliam Gozali (
Meanwhile at the turntable, music by Gilang Aditya (Instagram @gilangaditya)

The Naked Goose by William Gozali
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