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I know you guys won't consider it a news anymore if I told you that there's a new spot in Senopati *scoffs. But hey, really there's a new one that has been at the back of my mind since last week and it only opened to the public on Monday 8th June for the first time. The name is Monty's, and so with this post, I shall officially introduce you to this next brand new hot spot in the area ;)

Monty's Senopati Jakarta (
Dark Chocolate & Whisky, who can resist this?
The name Monty's, is inspired by Jamie Oliver's restaurant (now closed) of the same name. It was a member only restaurant, so it's not accessible to the common public and it did very well. One of the owners had such fond memories about Jamie's Monty's, that today, he named the restaurant which he found with a few friends, after it. So that's about the origin of the name.

One of the most annoying nightmare about dining in Senopati area, is the debilitating parking problem, you see. It's either you have to park far away from the place you're going to, or pay the unofficial parking attendants, a rate that equals to 4 hours parking in the shopping malls, or surrender your car to the valet attendants, also for the same price. That is why, I hardly come to this area during the weekend (when it is most crowded), unless I really really have to. But luckily, Monty's solve that problem for us with its free valet service.

The dark & sleek, 3 story building, will eventually have 2 levels dedicated for the restaurant and a few private rooms, and on the top most floor, will become a whisky bar. The first 2 floors are already open to the public, but the top floor is still coming soon. Why a whiskey bar, you ask? Monty's is after all, ran by Klabo group that also runs Nip & Dram, a whisky bar at Landmark building in Sudirman CBD, as well as Ivy Bistro & Catering.

1st floor
The interior is mostly dark hued, which emanates the classy and elegant feel. Therefore, I suggest that you come here dressed smart casual, so that you won't feel out of place amongst the black marble tables and impeccably formal dressed staff here.
Monty's Senopati Jakarta (

Monty's Senopati Jakarta (
The bar

2nd floor
Pretty much similar layout to the first floor, except for two perfect spots in the corner overlooking the busy street outside. If you require even more privacy, there are a few private rooms to choose from. 
Monty's Senopati Jakarta (

Monty's Senopati Jakarta (
Left: the perfect corner spot I was talking about
Monty's Senopati Jakarta (

Monty's Senopati Jakarta (
Whisky & Music Lounge on 3rd Floor, where the live music gig happens weekly
Monty's places itself as a casual fine dining, not as snobbish as a fine dining, but more serious than its neighboring restaurants. It is apparent from the water they serve here: S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna (these are fine dining waters), as well as the confusing types of cutleries that you'll be required to use for the different courses. But fret not, you just need to know that the cutleries are used in pairs, from outside in, as in, the ones nearest to your arms, not to the plate. And start behaving like you're a fine, gentleman / lady who knows what he / she is doing (although you probably don't) ;)

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (

While waiting for the dishes to come, a staff would ask your choice of bread, which will be served with paprika spread and truffle butter. Truffle butter, served to compliment the complimentary bread, where in Jakarta can you find this? Not even in fine dining restaurants at five star hotels! It's was as divine as its name, and I was even more surprised to hear that the butter and the spread are all whipped in-house!
Monty's Senopati Jakarta (
Mineral Water IDR 55,000 / bottle
So far I've been impressed with the superficial details, now let's get to the core of this post: the food. Monty's serves modern European cuisine with some Nordic influences, because the Executive Chef Christer Foldnes is a Norwegian after all. Some of the very Nordic dishes which you'll find on the menu are: Pickled & Smoked Herring and Norwegian Salmon (see the photos below). Some of the dishes, from the Soups & Salads to the Dessert, are interestingly very healthy and suitable for those on protein or gluten free diet.

Organic Kale & Green Pea Soup (
Organic Kale & Green Pea Soup IDR 110,000
(photo above) Organic Kale & Green Pea Soup with sour cream, black mustard, caviar & fresh mint. Nothing screams 'healthy superfood' like kale does! I've eaten it as green smoothies (not very appetizing to be honest), but as a soup served with sour cream and caviar, it will whet your appetite for the next courses.

Chopped Salad - turkey, chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, green beans, red onion & lemon aioli dressing (
Chopped Salad IDR 110,000 / IDR 165,000 (Small / Large)
(photo above) Chopped Salad - turkey, chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, green beans, red onion & lemon aioli dressing.  Now, Lachanophobes (people who has phobia of vegetables), if you fear the sight of large eared leafy greens, this chopped version might just convert you into a believer. The crunchy and juicy, easy to chew salad is one of the signature of Monty's.

Truffled Cheese Souffle (
Truffled Cheese Souffle (
 Truffled Cheese Souffle IDR 140,000
(photo above) Truffled Cheese Souffle
God must have been 'high' when He created truffle mushrooms...haha, just kidding (religious groups, please do not prosecute me!). Anyway, this Truffled Cheese Souffle is my favourite of all the dishes that we tried at Monty's. It's perfect for me in all aspects: crusty yet thin cheesy crust with custard-like cheese underneath and the truffle scent is just intoxicating. It really took all of my strength to let the staff take away the unfinished souffle! But I knew I had to save some room for the (still) long journey LOL.

Roasted Pork Belly (
Roasted Pork Belly IDR 110,000
(photo above) 4 hours Roasted Pork Belly with coriander yogurt, pickled carrot, beets & toasted, chopped cashew. The pork belly was tender, but not as juicy or slick as the other roasted pork belly I've had elsewhere. I supposed it's got to do with the leaner cut served here. It's still delectable nonetheless.

Pickled & Smoked Herring (
Pickled & Smoked Herring IDR 110,000
(photo above) Pickled & Smoked Herring with rye bread, pearl onion, baby potatoes & sour cream.
I've tried dover sole, haddock, cullen skink, but never herring (how come!). Herring is a Nordic / Scandinavian fish that's dear to most in the northern Europe, so Chef Christer, introduces it, perhaps for the first time, to customers in Jakarta. The pickled & smoked herring chunks look pretty much like smoked salmon, but not so pink. For someone who's picky about seafood like me, this dish is considerably tasty (like eating very salty sashimi), although I'd still pick the truffled cheese souffle over this at any given time ;)

Champagne & Oyster Angel Hair with Sturia Caviar (
Champagne & Oyster Angel Hair IDR 440,000 (add Sturia Caviar +IDR 650,000)
(photo above) Champagne & Oyster Angel Hair - champagne cream sauce, poached oysters.
The photo above is only a tasting portion, to the actual serving will be enough as a main course. Great dishes always appear plain, such as this one. Because, like the prized Italian White Truffle, champagne cream and Sturia Caviar are not supposed to be 'tarnished' with just any cheaper ingredients ;)

Norwegian Salmon - nut crusted Norwegian salmon fillet, broccolini & caramelized lemon (
Norwegian Salmon - nut crusted Norwegian salmon fillet, broccolini & caramelized lemon IDR 270,000
Organic Chicken Roulade with crispy skin, served on quinoa, mushrooms & gravy (
Organic Chicken Roulade with crispy skin, served on quinoa, mushrooms & gravy IDR 210,000
OBE Organic Beef Cheek Bourguignon (
 OBE Organic Beef Cheek Bourguignon IDR 280,000
(photo above) OBE Organic Beef Cheek Bourguignon braised in red wine for 5-6 hours, shallots, purple carrot, mushrooms & parsley. I had this divine dish sometime ago at one of Jakarta's 5 star hotels, so obviously, I had a rather high expectations for Monty's rendition. Fortunately, I was not diappointed, it's as tender as the name implies and guilty as sin.

Dark Chocolate & Whiskey (
Dark Chocolate & Whiskey IDR 110,000
(photo above) Dark Chocolate & Whiskey
This particular dessert, I'm pretty sure is going to be a hit on the social media, because it looks so catchy. A dome of chocolate, appears before you and then the staff will pour a pot of sizzling hot, liquid whiskey chocolate on it, to reveal a ball of chocolate coated vanilla ice cream sitting snugly on top of a sticky toffee - chocolate pudding. Be warned sweet tooths, this is quite a sweet number, perhaps better enjoyed with a cup of black coffee. 

Dark Chocolate & Chili (
Dark Chocolate & Chili IDR 100,000
(photo above) Dark Chocolate & Chili - chili flavoured, flourless, dark chocolate cake, with raspberries & vanilla ice cream. Apart from that spicy kick, this luscious chocolate cake is gluten free (but not vegan).

Those who come to Monty's are obviously going to be the kind of crowd who can afford the price and who would enjoy a good glass of wine, pleasant atmosphere and well done dishes made with the finest ingredients and produce. Thus far said, Monty's is not an average casual hang out place for average crowd, so expect to bump into some celebrities, socialites and other important folks here. ;)

Open Hours: 11 am - 11 pm
Parking: Free valet
Dresscode: smart casual

*) Prices are subject to Government Tax & Service Charge

Jl. Senopati Raya no. 84 (just after & at the same side as Cacaote)
Kebayoran Baru - South Jakarta
Ph: +6221 72792323

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