Treat Yourself Today: Have an All You Can Eat Teppanyaki for Lunch!

Hello! Can I take you to an all-you-can-eat Teppanyaki at Shangri-la Hotel for lunch today?

Sometimes out of the blue, I would fancy having some Teppanyaki for lunch, but fear that it'll take up too much time that I won't make it back to the office in time? (well, I work with my brother indeed, but I still have to be professional and stick with the rules we made). Fret no more, because now there's a quickie, Teppanyaki lunch set menu, that is still fancy (it's located at a 5 star hotel), yet still a good value for money.

Starting Wednesday 12 November 2014, Nishimura at Shangri-la Hotel, Jakarta offers a really good Teppanyaki promotion. It's basically a set menu Teppanyaki, we could choose either the normal or the Wagyu Teppan (for different price, or course). What's going to be different is that unlike dinner, the Teppan chef will cook your meal pretty swiftly, because lunch time for most of us is only 1 to 2 hours long.

Oh, if you're lucky, Chef Sugeng, the Teppanyaki Head Chef, will cook for you ;)

Teppanyaki Lunch at Nishimura

Appetizer (all you can eat) - Kabocha Tofu served with shoyu. I never had this one elsewhere, pretty interesting how the 'tofu' tasted like jelly.
Appetizer - Kabocha Tofu
Kabocha 'tofu'

Salad (all you can eat) - served with sweet & sour Japanese dressing. I always love the salad served at Nishimura, because it's so fresh and the dressing is just served in right amount, that covers every inch of the leaves. Couldn't enjoy eating salad any more than this.
Japanese Appetizers
Appetizers before the Teppanyaki

Steamed Dish (all you can eat) - Chawanmushi Ankake. There's a 'surprise' hidden in the middle of the chawanmushi, but I'm not telling you what, just go dig for yourself =P
Chawanmushi Ankake
Chawanmushi Ankake

Teppanyaki - this is the only element of the set menu that is not all you can eat (haha, i know, bummer, but trust me, by the time the entire teppanyaki is finished, there's still rice waiting afterwards!).

So for the Teppan, the chef will grill for us:
- Seafood: salmon, butterfish, tuna, scallop, prawn oyster,
- Beef: sirloin & tenderloin (wagyu beef, if you choose the Wagyu Teppanyaki)
- Vegetables: mixed bean sprouts and veggies julienne and shiitake mushroom
For the beef, we can personalize how well done it's cooked. Ideally it's medium (see my photo showing the cross-section of the beef below), to retain the beef's juiciness. Let me tell you this: with price comes quality, even the sirloin cuts are quite tender & juicy! Don't even need to talk about the wagyu, it's so tender, almost like eating tofu LOL! (okay I'm exaggerating, but it is really that good!)

Rice Dish (all you can eat) - choice of plain rice of yakimeshi (fried rice)

Soup (all you can eat) - miso soup with soft tofu and wakame.

Teppanyaki Set
Teppanyaki Set
Teppanyaki Set
Look at that juiciness!

Dessert - Coffee Jelly, it's black coffee jelly type (not the milky coffee). It's not too sweet, and cleanses and chills the palate after all the grilled food.
Coffee Jelly

The only setback about eating teppan for lunch is that everyone in the office will know that you've just had a delicious lunch and envy you hahaha! But after a happily full tummy, would you really care? =P

Teppanyaki Promotion IDR 298,000++
Wagyu Teppanyaki Promotion IDR 438,000++

*) Prices are subject to 21% Government Tax & Service Charge
**) All you can eat promo ends 28 November 2014

Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta, Level 1
Kota BNI JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Ph: +6221 29399562

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