(New): Welcome to Jimmy's, Surabaya's First Super Premium Club

Surabaya's partying scene is changing with the arrival of its first super premium lounge-club!

Jimmy's, Surabaya's First Super Premium Club
Welcome to Jimmy’s ‘home’...

Jimmy's is the latest initiative of Hasmoro Group, the flagship company that drives the success of other well known establishments in Surabaya such as Blowfish club, the Redboxx Club and a quirky Comedy Kopi cafe. A place that the owner, Lucky Hasmoro label as 'revolutionary', Jimmy's is serious about changing the game and offering something the party-goers in Surabaya have not seen before.

Jimmy, is the name of an owl, which I believe is a metaphor for a young and dynamic personality who indulges in the finer things in life, a charming and amiable host who knows how to throw great and fun parties and of course, a 'night owl' who's active and alive after the sun sets. Nonetheless, you'll be sure to be in good hands when visiting Jimmy's home.

Jimmy's occupies the entire basement level of JW Marriott Hotel in downtown of Surabaya, its location itself already an indication of the premium standard that the place is all about.

What the hell does a food blogger do inside a club?
Exactly the same question that I asked myself when I took the invitation from Hasmoro Group. I was intrigued by the concept and the promise of the 'super premium' label that Jimmy's promises. I have been to several renowned high end clubs in Jakarta (Dragonfly, Equinox, etc) and in Singapore (One Altitude, Ku De Ta at Marina Bay Sands, etc), so I wonder what the partying scene might be like in Surabaya. I went there late in August, before Jimmy's is open to the public and the high technology entertainment they boast are quite impressive, something that I do not yet see elsewhere.

So, let me take you on a tour around the place:
Jimmy’s is accessible from the 2 entrances, each will welcome you with different sights.

Hotel Entrance
If you are entering from inside JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya, there's a path next to the Guest Reception area, it will lead you to Jimmy's. Once inside, you are at the SoHo (Social House) area on upper floor of the two storeys club. On the upper floor, there are two private lounges, which guests can book (with minimum spending of course). The two lounges are: the Sister’s Lounge and the Brother’s Lounge, equipped with Class A karaoke & sound system, and balcony looking down to the Living Room on the lower storey.
SoHo and the Sister's and Brother's Lounge are open daily 3 PM - 3 AM

Lobby Entrance
On the other hand, entering from the Lobby of JW Marriott right after you alight from your ride, promises a different spectacle. As you walk down the stairs, and enter The Living Room the main area of the entire club. You will notice high tech LED generated high tables, which will display the name of the drink put on the table.
The wall boxes with animated projection around it
The LED high table, which displays the drink's name when you put it on the table
Jimmy's, Surabaya's First Super Premium Club
Left: Whisky Cola
Right: Touch sensitive LED Display tables that light up brighter when it makes contact with your skin
Jimmy's, Surabaya's First Super Premium Club

Aside from the common 'Living Room', there are 8 Cielo VIP Areas as well as Arabian Cabana Shisha Box (fits 6 pax) for more privacy. On the Living Room level, there are all sorts of high technology entertainment and displays, such as a state-of-the-art DJ Booth that is set in front of a video mapping projection, where only international DJs are invited to spin at.

Jimmy's, Surabaya's First Super Premium Club
Left: Cielo VIP
Right: Arabian Cabana Shisha Box 
Jimmy's, Surabaya's First Super Premium Club
Spin some wicked music DJ!
Jimmy's, Surabaya's First Super Premium Club
View of the Living Room
The Living Room is open on Wednesday - Sunday from 10 PM - 3 AM (Friday - Saturday until 4 AM)

But of course, as a foodie, my main concern is the food they serve here. Living up to its super premium status, the types of food served here would be the likes of foie gras, caviar and kobe beef. I did not personally try the food, but those do sound enticing to accompany your premium Wolf Blass Gold Label. There’s also some interesting edible alcohol in the form of sunny side up egg, with ‘yolk’ that pops alcohol in your mouth (see photo below). Yup, 'breakfast' at Jimmy's is just one notch more interesting! *wink

Jimmy's, Surabaya's First Super Premium Club
Molecular and Interesting drinks to entertain the guests
Jack Daniel's and Wolf Blass Gold Label
Premium and limited edition drinks list

House Rules:
- Attire: Smart formal, NO T-Shirt, no shorts, no cap, no sandals / flat shoes, no jacket.
- No food / drinks from outside, no drugs, no weapon
- Limited crowd & seat reservations everyday
- FDC (First Drink Charge) IDR 250,000 per person applies, for which will entitle you to a glass of premium Red wine / White wine / Champagne.

Jimmy's, Surabaya's First Super Premium Club
Jimmy, the owl that changes the partying scene in Surabaya

About Hasmoro Group
Hasmoro Group, the flagship company that drives the success of other well known establishments in Surabaya, such as Blowfish club, the Redboxx Club, Comedy Kop and the lastest one: Jimmy's. For more details, visit Hasmoro Group's corporate website.

Open Hours:
Living Room: Wednesday - Sunday 10 PM - 3 AM (Fri - Sat until 4PM
Social House: Daily 3PM - 3 AM

JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya
Basement Level
JL. Embong Malang No. 85-89
Ph: +6231 5508572 / 5458888 Ext. 3572


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