(New) Seminyak Italian @Double Six Luxury Hotel

It has become the accepted norm for five star hotel / resort to serve buffet for breakfast to their guests. However, Double Six Luxury Hotel - Seminyak begs to differ.
Seminyak Italian at Double Six Luxury Hotel
Outdoor terrace tables at Seminyak Italian
Since I've taken you on a tour around the lovely brand new property in my previous post, and I didn't elaborate much about the food. So, this time I'm gonna share about my dining experiences (breakfast & lunch) at Seminyak Italian, the hottest new dining scene in Seminyak Beach.

Seminyak Italian is one of the 5 F&B outlets that you can find at Double Six Luxury Hotel, all of which are the brainchild of Robert Marchetti, a seasoned restaurateur from Australia. Besides Seminyak Italian, the other F&B outlets are: Robert Marchetti The Plantation Grill and Sling Bar, Double Six Rooftop (opens on 17 Aug 2014) and Lagoon Bar (poolside bar), click here for more details.

Located on the Mezzanine level accessible from the lobby of Double Six Luxury Hotel, Seminyak Italian is a fine casual Italian dining, with outdoor terrace and al fresco / open air tables. The bar in the middle separates the terrace and the al fresco, and it is flanked by glass walled chambers on each sides, one being a Salumi chamber, the other a wine cellar. The terrace overlooks the 120m swimming pool below and further in the horizon, the sea. Whether you are here for an intimate dinner or a casual hangout with friends or even dining alone, there's a spot for you here.
Seminyak Italian at Double Six Luxury Hotel
Seminyak Italian at Double Six Luxury Hotel
The Bar at Seminyak Italian
Seminyak Italian at Double Six Luxury Hotel
Overlooking the swimming pool below
Seminyak Italian at Double Six Luxury Hotel

For your info, Wednesday night is Lady Luck night. Every Wednesday evenings, every table will get a chance to roll the dice when they get their bill. If you get a double 6, your bill is on the house! Isn't it awesome?
Seminyak Italian at Double Six Luxury Hotel
Lady Luck, every Wednesday nights!


Breakfast is unpretentious at Seminyak Italian, as I mentioned before that instead of a lavish buffet spread, guests get to have:
- 2 items from the Cereals, Fruity or Pastry sections, and
- 1 item from the hot dishes selection (savoury), and
- single choice of juice and coffee/tea.

So, these are what we had:

Something from the Cereals / Fruity / Pastry:

For starters, we had the Double-Six Bircher Muesli Soaked in fresh Orange Juice for 36 Hours, Shredded Apple, Dried Grapes, fresh Raspberries, fresh Coconut, Poached Melon & Roasted Almonds.
Besides that, I picked the Mini Pain au Chocolate and Apple Turnover from the pastry 'drive by'. These are sooo yummy I asked for second helping of the pain au chocolate!
Bircher Muesli and breakfast at Seminyak Italian
Left: Double-Six Bircher Muesli IDR 65,000
Right: Outdoor breakfast with a view!
Mini Pain au Chocolate and Apple Turnover
Mini Pain au Chocolate and Apple Turnover, so addictive!

Something from the Savoury Hot Dishes

I had this Clay-Pot Organic Eggs, Baked on Cannellini Beans, Pancetta, Parsley & Tomato.
Clay-Pot Organic Eggs, Baked on Cannellini Beans, Pancetta, Parsley & Tomato
Clay-Pot Organic Eggs, Baked on Cannellini Beans, Pancetta, Parsley & Tomato IDR 75,000

My friend had this Mexican themed Avocado Mousse, Mint, Lemon & Barrel Aged Feta on Toasted Seeded Bread.
Avocado Mousse, Mint, Lemon & Barrel Aged Feta on Toasted Seeded Bread
Avocado Mousse, Mint, Lemon & Barrel Aged Feta on Toasted Seeded Bread IDR 95,000

The above are more than enough to fill my tummy just nicely, but the menu just seems so inviting that unconsciously I crave for more! Let me just tease you with some utterly mouthwatering-sounding items on the menu: Frittata Black Truffle, Taleggio Cheese, Garlic Chives, 3 Organic Eggs, Watercress & Shallot Salad(organic eggs & truffles! Is this heaven?!) or the fancy Russian style breakfast The Russian Soft Boiled Quail Eggs, Lemon Vodka Iced Granita, Sour Cream, Chives & Wholemeal Blinis (apparently Russians have vodka the moment they open their eyes in the morning LOL!). Well, well, I'd definitely try those when I return again next time. 


It appears to me that Seminyak Italian encourages the meals to be shared, judging from the generous portions. So it would be an advantage to dine here with friends or in a big group. The Lunch & Dinner menu offers a twist of modern and classic Italian dishes and I'm not sure if it is the Bali charm fiddling with my brains, the menu here just seems so appetizing! 

"Salumi" Italian Smallgoods

Everything We Have” - a serving of all the cold cuts, there are Mortadella, Salami, Prosciutto & Beef Bresaola. My favourite is the mortadella, which has turkey-like texture. 
Mortadella, Salami, Prosciutto & Beef Bresaola
“Everything We Have” IDR 120,000


Every table will be served the complimentary bread basket, and you must not miss the Grissini Sticks, it's so good and addictive!
Arancini - four pieces of Cheese & Spinach Crispy Rice Balls, Gorgonzola, Feta, Parmesan, Asiatico Cheese & Lemon.
Salt Baked Baby Beetroot Salad - Fresh Goats Cheese Curd, Beet Juice, Beet Pepper, Spring Onions with Shallot Salad.
Bread Basket and Arancini Balls
Left: complimentary bread basket
Right: Arancini IDR 80,000
Salt Baked Baby Beetroot Salad
Salt Baked Baby Beetroot Salad IDR 80,000


Mozzarella Burrata - Cow’s Milk & Cream Mozzarella with a Palm Hearts, Banana Blossom, Mint, Shallots & Lemon Salad. It's light and refreshing, even a friend of mine who's anti cheese, enjoyed this!
Mozzarella Burrata
Mozzarella Burrata IDR 140,000


Fettuccine con Bolognese -  Wide cut Black Pepper Pasta, Beef Ragu, Bologna Style.
Tortellini alla Panna - dumpling like pasta filled with Mortadella, Veal, Prosciutto, Sage Parmesan & Black Truffles -> this one is my favourite!
Lunch at Seminyak Italian
Left: Our hearty Italian lunch spread!
Right: Fettuccine con Bolognese IDR 100,000
Tortellini alla Panna
Tortellini alla Panna IDR 120,000


Bistecca Fiorentina (for 2 Persons) - The Famous Tuscan T-Bone 600gr Black Angus, Grain Fed Beef, Salsa Erbe & Fat Steak Chips. The serving is massive! After all the good dishes we had before, I only managed to down 2 slices of the steak.
Bistecca Fiorentina
Bistecca Fiorentina (for 2 Persons) IDR 660,000


Also known as side dishes, we had a serving of Butter Lettuce, Mint, Frissee, Dill & Lemon salad as well as Green Pea Salad with Basil, Mint, Lemon, Air Dried Ricotta.
Left: Butter Lettuce | Right: Fat Chips
Left: Butter Lettuce IDR 60,000
Right: Fat Chips (served with Bistecca Fiorentina)
Green Pea Salad with Basil, Mint, Lemon, Air Dried Ricotta
Green Pea Salad with Basil, Mint, Lemon, Air Dried Ricotta IDR 60,000


Nothing says Italian more than Tiramisu. Often called as the food of the Gods, this dollop of heaven comes in a big container and the lovely ladies of Seminyak Italian will scoop out a serving for you. So my suggestion is to be sweet and very nice with the girls and hope that they like you enough to give you a little extra scoop ;)
The Tiramisu , served at the Table and made with Strega, Marsala, Espresso, Vanilla Sponge & Mascarpone. This is made just the way it should and how I would normally make mine, ricotta cheese layers between coffee soaked lady fingers, creamy and moist. I like to have mine with a bit more espresso, perfetto!
Tiramisu and dragonfruit juice
Left: Tiramisu IDR 90,000
Right: Dragonfruit-banana juice with honey


What's an Italian meal without having coffee to end it? Feeling rather guilty after such a feast, I chose a single shot of Segafreddo Espresso.
Segafreddo espresso
Segafreddo Espresso, single shot
So, if you're around Double Six Beach (even if you aren't, you should make your way here), Seminyak Italian is not to be missed! Why not try your luck and come on Wednesday evening? :)

Seminyak Italian Food
Double Six Luxury Hotel, Mezzanine Level
No. 66 Double Six Beach
Seminyak, Bali



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