Rumate / Bofet Maknyus

Oh where else in Jakarta can we find good food at cheap affordable price and strategic location such as central Jakarta? Yes I hear your complains about why most of the food I post in this blog are either mid to high end (read: fine dining).
I have to admit it that when it comes to eating out, I'm a type who's willing to pay a little more for good taste, quality and ambiance, a wholesome package in essence. I'm quite a coward when it comes to 'venturing' out into the unknown such as street food or not very well known places, unless that place has acquired "legendary" status such as Restoran Angke or Mandala Chinese Restaurant, etc. Nonetheless, I am willing to make an exception, given the right reasons and circumstances, such as for Rumate/Bofet Maknyus.
Rumate / Bofet Maknyus

Rumate / Bofet Maknyus

The place itself has not much to discover or do (due to the size), as you can see in the photo, that's the view that greets you right when you walk beyond the front glass door.

Rumate / Bofet Maknyus is located at the heart of Central Jakarta's street food and casual cheap eateries, an area called 'Sabang', just several steps away from Jakarta's first high rise building, Sarinah Building. Rumate is one exception, which I am willing to try out, for several reasons:

- Pak Bondan Winarno
Not only is Rumate endorsed by the respected restaurateur / Indonesian culinary icon, Bondan Winarno, Rumate actually is one of Pak Bondan's several F&B ventures including 'Kopi Oey' (a kopitiam concept).

- Interesting Indonesian menu.
The menu is an eclectic mash of various all-time-favourite Indonesian dishes, which are hard to find elsewhere. For example the signature Gulai Itiak, a dish that origins from Padang, but not many Padang canteens / restaurants that have it on the menu. Other signature dishes (also said to be the guests favourites) are the Nasi Bakar Cakalang (Grilled Rice with spicy cakalang fish), Dendeng Baraciak (thinly sliced beef, marinated, fried and stir-fried with spices & herbs).
Menu of Rumate / Bofet Maknyus
Menu at Rumate
- A tea house
Rumate is actually a moniker for 'rumah teh', which literally means a tea house. The range of vintage Indonesian tea offered are the types that come mixed with herbs, nutritious ingredients, which are believed to ward off various ailments like flu, or are simply considered to be good for the body. Now, who wants to try Teh Rosella Tajin (rosella flower bud tea made with barley water).

Let's take a look at the dinner I had at Rumate:
Nasi Bakar Cakalang
One of the guests' favourite dish at Rumate: Nasi Bakar Cakalang IDR 29,182
Nasi Bakar Cakalang: Claypot grilled rice served with shredded spicy cakalang fish and sunny side up egg. Be careful when eating the fish, as they may sometimes contain the fish' soft bones.

For the snack, we had the Ketan Srikaya (glutinous rice with srikaya custard) and Ketan Bumbu (glutinous rice served with shredded coconut and chicken). I find the Ketan Bumbu, much like a 'decontructed' version of Lemper Ayam (traditional Javanese sticky rice roll). As for the Ketan Srikaya, you might want to ask for extra srikaya (custard), because the sticky rice is quite a lot.
Ketan Srikaya (glutinous rice with srikaya custard) and Ketan Bumbu (glutinous rice served with shredded coconut and chicken)
'Kudapan', which means 'snack' 
Ketan Srikaya, Right: Teh Rosella Tajin
Left: Ketan Srikaya IDR 16,364
Right: Teh Anti Flu IDR 20,273
Ketan Bumbu (glutinous rice served with shredded coconut and chicken)
IDR Ketan Bumbu 15,000
Teh Anti Flu IDR 20.273 easier Es Kopi Cincau
Left: Teh Rosella Tajin IDR 14,182
Right: Es Kopi Cincau IDR 18,364
I wish Rumate is located much closer to where I live, I would've love to frequent the place more and try its other Padang/Indonesian dishes. If you're on a budget, but just have to go out for a casual coffee/tea time or a meal, Rumate is a nice bargain (price and taste wise).

Open Hours: Daily (10 AM - 10 PM)

Rumate / Bofet Maknyus
JL. Hj. Agus Salim No. 18 (a.k.a. Sabang)
Central Jakarta
Ph: +6221 31905904


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