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I have a thing for hipster places (unique interior, decor, concept, menu, flavours, etc). Just when I almost gave up looking for a hipster place to eat at, in West Jakarta, I stumbled upon Thefctry on Instagram @thefctryid  and was naturally intrigued to find out more about the place. Today, I went to investigate and to put it succinctly, I am satisfied with my findings and I can tell this place is here to stay.
Big Brunch - fluffy egg, pork bacon, pork sausage, roasted vine tomatoes & hash brown
Residents of West Jakarta, to fill your gaping emptiness for good food at a good place, you no longer need to flee all the way to the South, because Thefctry (read: the factory) is here. The interior is inspired by the feel in a factory, intentionally exposing the black industrial pipes on the ceiling and on the wall as well as raw unfinished walls. And it feels modern at the same time, from the futuristic looking 'chandelier' at the entrance, sleek wooden tables and parquet floor and the customized steely and sturdy looking chairs.

Thefctry Bistro & Bar
The centrepiece electronic 'chandelier' that welcomes guests right at the entrance
Thefctry Bistro & Bar
The raw industrial elements, to create a factory like feel
The Menu
As of the time I published this post, not everything on the menu is available yet. The owner reasons that he wants to perfect the dishes before they are served to the customers (understandable, as being a new place, teaching the new staff and standardizing the recipe requires time).

The food menu at Thefctry is largely influenced by French, but it asks to be pardoned "Pardonner mon francais" because Thefctry also flirts with other types of cuisines. Few of such example would be the Ox Tongue Don (from Lunch menu), Corn Fritters (from Brunch menu). But in general, the type of food served here are what the owner considers as simple, delicious & unpretentious comfort food.

I have to warn you, if you plan to order something off the Meat to Share, do have someone with big appetite to share with, as the portion is well...big (it says: whole chicken, 500gr roast pork, etc). From the Appetizers, besides the Sticky Fried Chicken Wings (it's a must try!), I find the Pork in a Bun, and Scotch Eggs to be quite curious. Dessert items are currently pretty average: panna cotta, chocolate lava cake, tiramisu, etc.

The Food & Drink
Cafe Mocha - I was told that the mocha is made from melted Valrhona chocolate, sweetened and spiced. Now that's a fancy Mocha!
Cafe Mocha
Cafe Mocha IDR 38,000

Start your meal with the bread & salted butter (complimentary), as I did. I had the sourdough-like bread (the sliced loaf at the back - see photo below). It tasted good even when it was cold, crispy toasted skin and fluffy center. I'd have the entire thing to myself if I was not saving my tummy for the next dishes.

Sticky Fried Chicken Wings - marinated with a mixture of soya sauce and other ingredients, the marinade seeped well into the meat and not just superficially on the crispy skin. Just the right amount of marinade on the skin (not too much that it is dripping with goo and messy).
Left: Bread & Butter (complimentary) Right: Sticky Fried Chicken Wings
Left: Bread & Butter (complimentary)
Right: Sticky Fried Chicken Wings IDR 55,000 (6 pcs)

Big Brunch - fluffy egg, pork bacon, pork sausage, roasted vine tomatoes & hash brown. It says hash brown, but it reminds me of rösti, which does not matter anyway, because it tasted good. The fluffy egg was surprisingly cooked without butter nor cream nor cheese, and with just water. This is a good option for those really hungry, as the portion is quite big. The price may seem steep, but if you see how much you're getting, just sush and enjoy your meal while it's hot. I personally like the egg unseasoned, as there's already ample of flavours from the hash brown, sausage, mushrooms and crispy pork bacon.
Big Brunch - fluffy egg, pork bacon, pork sausage, roasted vine tomatoes & hash brown
Big Brunch IDR 100,000

Minute Steak - served on top of a bed of mashed potato and topped with creamy mushroom sauce. The steak comes from the rib eye cut of the beef and sliced thinly. The fact that it is thin, actually implies the risk of overcooking the meat, but the steak turned out to be tender and paired well with the creamy mushroom. Who says one cannot have steak for breakfast? The portion is not too big, even I could easily have the entire plate to myself.
Minute Steak - served on top of a bed of mashed potato and topped with creamy mushroom sauce
Minute Steak IDR 90,000
**Updates: Pretty soon after The Fctry has been running, they've updated their menus with some more new awesomeness. My personal favourite is still the Crispy Pork Belly (Lord, bless their souls for making such delicious food!!).

One of The Fctry's Signature Dishes: Ox Tongue Don - thinly sliced Australian beef tongue IDR 80,000 (add foie gras +IDR 50,000)
One of The Fctry's Signature Dishes: Crispy Pork Belly - oven roasted pork belly with braised cabbage & pomme puree IDR 160,000
Tomahawk - 1kg Black Angus USDA 'Choice' Cut served with soy & garlic demiglace, served with Roasted Vegetables IDR 650,000 (good for up to 4 people)
Ms. Piggy - oven roasted crispy pork belly with port demiglace, served with Roasted Vegetables IDR 400,000 (good for up to 4 people) 
Dory - lightly battered, buttered potatoes & capers onion vinaigrette IDR 130,000

Homemade Tiramisu (photo below) - according to Andry, his desserts are not fancy to look at. I couldn't care less as long as they taste well. So, as is the case with most good-but-ugly-looking food, this homemade Tiramisu is a hearty creamy delight, which tasted pretty close to what I'd usually make: not too sweet and moist.
Homemade Tiramisu

Chocolate Lava Cake (photo below) - served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Did you see the deadly black pool surrounding the cake? If this does not fit as a sign of a perfectly done lava cake, I don't know what else does. I truly enjoyed the sensation when the slightly chewy and gooey warm cake mixed with the cold ice cream in my mouth.
Chocolate Lava Cake - served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Lava Cake
And I must also specially mention the mighty Dopenuts! Yes, these nuts are dope, not only for the unique flavours and fillings, but also for the awesome texture of the dough. I've consumed enough donuts in my life to be able to tell what I like and dislike and these Dopenuts are at the top of my pyramid of favourite nuts!
PB & Jelly filled Dopenuts IDR 20,000 each 
Right: Death by Guanaja Dopenuts IDR 25,000 each

*) Prices are subject to Government Tax and Service Charge

Open Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9 AM- 10 PM
Sat - Sun: 9 AM - 12 midnight

The Fctry Bistro & Bar
St. Moritz Mall Puri Indah, The Royal Suite Tower (same complex as Electronic City, Kembangan)
Jl. Puri Indah Raya
Puri Indah, Kembangan - West Jakarta
Signposts: Hypermart Puri Indah
Ph: +6287851483431 (Karina)

For live and regular updates,
stalk my Instagram: @ellynatjohnardi


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