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As far as I could remember, since 2004, The Harvest became one of the most sought after patissier in Jakarta, as it was one of the first brand to offer proper European cakes and dessert, both in terms of taste and presentation. The Harvest made its debut at the time when local bakeries were dominated by names such as Holland Bakery, Eaton, etc. Those old school bakeries focused mainly on bread, if they carried cakes in the product range, they felt more like add-ons and the flavours steeply were adjusted to local taste buds and appearances that looked just alright. I didn't mean to be condescending, I still love going to these bakeries from time to time, my intention is just to show that The Harvest broke through the clutter and presented something novel to the table.

Today, The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier is currently the market leader for European-style bakery & pastry shop chain in Indonesia with a total of 20 stores. Exactly a decade since, The Harvest's product category has boomed to thousands items and its outlets are present in 6 major cities of Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang and Bali and coming soon in Makassar. As the market leader in its segment, The Harvest maintains its edge by continuouly expanding its product through R&D and not stopping with only reigning in the capital city.

The product range of The Harvest can be said to be extensive both in terms of varieties and types. Whole cakes, 3D cakes, Photo Cakes (a photo-like quality image of your face made from edible icing on top of the cake), Ice cream cakes, sliced cakes Bread and pastries, Cookies, Cupcakes, Macarons, Cronuts, Cake Pops, Gelato, Gift Hampers, Sweets, Pralines, basically anything sweet imaginable, could be bought here. The latest product, which was recently introduced is the Cake Pops and Chocolate Pearl cake. Chocolate flavoured, ball-shaped cake, dipped in chocolate coating and served on lollipop stick. Whereas the Chocolate Pearl is chocolate mousse, vanilla profiterole sandwiched between chocolate sponge cake.
Cake Pops
Cake Pops IDR 11,000 / pc
Cakes and Macarons
Whole Cakes
Assorted Danish
Assorted Gelato
Assorted Gelato
Tiramisu Cup
Tiramisu IDR 28,000 / cup

Left: Yellow Velvet | Right: Cronut Vanilla
Left: Yellow Velvet IDR 33,000 / slice
Right: Cronut Vanilla IDR 27,000 / pc
I made my visit recently to the newest Jakarta store at Kebon Jeruk (Jl. Panjang). The outlet is big with ample parking space outside (can fit at least 5-6 cars comfortably). Inside the spacious store, besides the various cake displays, there's a corner with plush sofa and table. Does that mean The Harvest now serves food in store? Apparently yes! (major yay!). Imagine back then, a sweet tooth like me, entering this fantasy-la-la-land and all I could do is look at those luscious treats, because there were no tables to sit at and enjoy the cakes on the spot? That's a torture!
The Harvest Kebon Jeruk
The Harvest Kebon Jeruk

The 'Bits & Bites' menu offers light sweet and savoury bites, such as Sandwiches, Quiche, Drinks and Plated Dessert or you could simply order one of the cakes / pastries off the shelves and enjoy it on the spot with coffee. Don't be mistaken, it is not a cafe, though, so don't ask for the Wi-Fi password or an ashstray (this has become one of the most typical Asian habit, apparently!) =P

My personal favourite items (from those that I tried when visiting the store) are the Mix Fruits Panacotta (absolutely delish and reasonable price!) and the Gardener Quiche - sauteed leek with onions and cheese, milk, heavy cream, eggs, salt, pepper & nutmeg. The quiche is a great choice for lacto-ovo vegetarians.
Gardener Quiche - sauteed leek with onions and cheese, milk, heavy cream, eggs, salt, pepper & nutmeg
Gardener Quiche IDR 45,000
Assorted Macarons
Choco Cream Cheese Macaron | Green Tea Macaron | Banana Macaron IDR 11,000 / pc
Chocolate Pearl - chocolate mousse, vanilla profiterole sandwiched between chocolate sponge cake
Chocolate Pearl IDR 28,000 / slice

Assorted Danish
Left: Blueberry Danish IDR 10,000 | Right: Choco Chip Danish IDR 10,000
Assorted Praline - Cherry Cordial, Almond Stick, Soft Nougat & Crunchy Peanut | Right: Mix Fruits Pannacotta
Left: Assorted Praline - Cherry Cordial, Almond Stick, Soft Nougat & Crunchy Peanut IDR 8,000 / pc
Right: Mix Fruits Pannacotta IDR 28,000 / cup
Sunrise Mocktail
Sunrise Mocktail IDR 25,000
Last but not least, congratulations for The Harvest new store! Keep up the good work in innovating new dessert and flavours! :)

*) Prices stated are already inclusive 10% Tax PB1.

The Harvest Cakes store locator, click here.

The Harvest Cakes, Kebon Jeruk
JL. Panjang No. 19
Kebon Jeruk - West Jakarta
Ph: +6221 5309124
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  1. I've always loved Harvest's treats but the savouries look pretty good too! BTW what's the chocolate pearl, El? are those choux pastries in the chocolate cake?

    1. Hi Irene! Sorry for my super late reply. Yes indeed, choux pastry inside the chocolate mousse. Diabetics alert! haha...



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