High Five Asian Culinary Summit: 5 Chefs from 5 Countries in 1 Location

Did you remember how you celebrated your 5th birthday? I don't have the slightest idea, and might have to dig out my family's old photo albums for clues.

Now, let's imagine that for your birthday, 5 Guest Chefs are flown in from 5 different countries to serve you culinary delights from each of their countries for one entire week? Isn't that awesome? That's exactly how Hilton Bandung celebrated the 5th Anniversary, with the High Five Asian Culinary Summit as the highlight of the birthday bash, on top of other special promotions and discounts on rooms, dining and SPA.
One of the private rooms inside Purnawarman Restaurant

High Five Asian Culinary Summit (15 - 23 March 2014) was available (only for dinner) at Purnawarman Restaurant, where guests could indulge in out-of-the-ordinary menu offerings from the 5 guest chefs:
- Head Chef Xie Zheng Jie of Sichuan Court, Hilton Shanghai
- Sous Chef Somnath Deb, Hilton Chennai
- Chef Kyonghoon Daniel Chong, Conrad Seoul
- Chef de Partie Chanaphat Sewikarn of Thai Kitchen, Hilton Pattaya
- Chef Jin Suzuki of Genji Restaurant, Hilton Nagoya
Head Chef Xie Zheng Jie of Sichuan Court, Hilton Shanghai; Seen here to be checking the food at his station
During the Asian Culinary Summit period, guests coming for dinner would be treated to delectable Korean, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Japanese dishes prepared by these guest chefs and the local team. I was sadly, unable to try most of the food items, as I was still full from the big Chef's Table lunch a few hours before. So I only managed to pick some bits of dishes from Korean, Chinese and Thai station. Even with full tummy, I still could enjoy eating them, it would have been even better if I'd eaten on empty stomach.
Korean dishes by Chef Daniel
From Thai station
Roast Peking Duck and other dishes from Chinese station

Asian Chef Festival Cooking Class
Still in conjunction with Hilton's 5th Anniversary, together with Kompas Gramedia, the 5 Guest Chefs were also engaged in teaching the cooking classes  organized in the same weekend as my stay. Seats for the classes are limited and are charged per person, but I was really lucky to be granted access to sit in the class and free of charge! The session I went to was Chef Suzuki's class, in which he taught the participants Nikujaga and Salmon Kimiyaki recipes.
Chef Jin Suzuki of Genji Restaurant, Hilton Nagoya; Teaching at the cooking class
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