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Sliced Toast and beurre blanc at Liberté French Brasserie (Culinary Bonanza)
Complimentary Appetizer: Sliced Toast and beurre blanc
No one would've guessed that a chic French Brasserie would be tucked in one of the corners of a multi-storey French-based department store, Galeries Lafayette at Pacific Place mall. In the jungle of all the pretty products and foreign labels, there lies Liberté French Brasserie, a cosy spot where shoppers could stop by to sip une tasse de cafe with freshly baked French pastry or savour the main course and refill the energy before getting back in the hunting games at the luxurious store.

From the outside, you might think it is a bakery, because of the delectable looking French pastries on display behind the glass. If it weren't for the air conditioning, and the clothes and mannequins around, I would be tricked into thinking that it was just like any other street-side brasseries in France, like the ones I've seen in movies and imagined in my mind.
Liberté French Brasserie at Galeries Lafayette, Pacific Place Jakarta (Culinary Bonanza)
Liberté French Brasserie at Galeries Lafayette, Pacific Place Jakarta (Culinary Bonanza)
Liberté French Brasserie at Galeries Lafayette, Pacific Place Jakarta (Culinary Bonanza)
Valrhona bon bons on display

You can find exquisite Valrhona bon bons as well as their home made pretty macarons on display, inviting sweet tooths like me to drool at the dessert display.

Every guests are treated to a platter of complimentary toast (plain and pandan toast) and a dollop of beurre blanc (plain butter). Couldn't be a better way to start the meal!

As it was a lunch with a few friends, each of us ordered different items, as you can see in the following pictures:
Creme de Champignon at Liberté French Brasserie (Culinary Bonanza)
Creme de Champignon IDR 65,000
Left: Salmon en Croute  Right: Chicken Roulade (Culinary Bonanza)
Left: Salmon en Croute IDR 110,000
Right: Chicken Roulade IDR 80,000 and Ruby, thanks for being my 'quizzed' model hehe
Creme de Champignon - Cream of mushroom soup served with croutons and cream foam. You might be surprised to see the price, but the serving is actually quite big, if it were me, I'd be able to have it as my main course.

Salmon en Croute - tender and juicy salmon in crispy puff pastry with cream cheese and beurre blanc. I just can't forget the intoxicating buttery scent that caressed my nose as I cut the salmon-filled pastry in two. The pastry was light and crispy and most impressive is the well cooked salmon, not overcooked, just right, still moist and tender. Glad that I made the right choice.

Chicken Roulade - chicken breast, mashed potatoes, tomato confit. Didn't get to taste it because my friend was too stingy. LOL..kidding!
Pan seared Barramundi with Ratatouille and Caramelized Apple (Culinary Bonanza)
Pan seared Barramundi with Ratatouille and Caramelized Apple IDR 90,000 

Profiteroles - 3 pieces of almond profiteroles, vanilla ice cream and chocolate 'soup'. Just look at the glorious chocolate soup flowing from its container. What I love about Liberté's version is the generous and tasty chocolate sauce, as in they don't use the bottled sauce (you know which brand I'm referring to). Even though it could try to make the sauce less sweet with richer chocolate. But I could do with this.

Other than the profiteroles, I saw some interesting dessert on the menu, such as Mille Feuille (puff pastry, white chocolate chantilly & berries) and Passionfruit Crème Brûlée.
Profiteroles with vanilla ice cream and chocolate soup (Culinary Bonanza)
Profiteroles IDR 70,000
Voila c'est tout! Liberté is a casual French brasserie, so the menu is quite average (as in: not that fancy or alien). The place says it's open until late (not sure how late), so you could also come here for a late chillout, the bar seems quite promising after all. But since it is located inside a department store plus on the 2nd floor, I'm not sure about the access / exit route way once the mall closes, so do ask for advice from the restaurant first, before you get stuck (while you're already fly? Not a pretty sight). Don't want to end up sleeping among the mannequins do you? LOL

Prices are subject to Government Tax & Service Charge

Open Hours: 10 AM - late (daily)

Liberté French Brasserie
Galeries Lafayette - Pacific Place 2nd Floor
Sudirman Central Business District
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta - Indonesia
Ph: +6221 57973425
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