Dutch-Themed Afternoon Tea for Two, Anyone?

Happy New 2014!! Have you got any 2014 food resolutions? Mine: none. Okay, there's at least one thing that I will try to always do whenever possible: Not to waste any food. Even though it sometimes might feel embarrassing to ask the hosts if I could take away my leftovers. I don't eat much at one go, so I'd much rather have small samples of many things than to have a large portion of just one thing. So, an Afternoon Tea or what some of us love to call 'High Tea', is always a perfect lunch-substitute idea for me (with one condition only: the snacks served must taste good...haha)

Afternoon Tea for Two at Canteen Plaza Indonesia
My only concern about Afternoon Tea is the food, which, due to the lack of demand, was often prepared carelessly by the kitchen. In the past, I'd came across bad sandwiches or snacks, which were enough to make me lose my appetite at the mere mention of 'High Tea'. But things are changing in Jakarta and nowadays many places offer incredibly delicious finger foods that I'm so willing to trade my lunch for.

CANTEEN Jakarta, a member of the LOEWY Group, which is the same group that runs several popular F&B establishments in Jakarta, they are Loewy, Cork & Screw, Union Brasserie, Casa Kemang, E&O and a bookstore / indie imported lifestyle merchandise, ak.sa.ra. Canteen's Afternoon Tea for Two, so aptly named, is one of the currently ongoing promotion at the restaurant. Its Executive Chef Chris Moes, created delectable small Dutch treats (sweet and savoury) to accompany our leisurely afternoon snack time with choices of loose leaf tea (how I wished it was coffee...haha).

Afternoon Tea for Two at Canteen Plaza Indonesia

The list of items in each Afternoon Tea set are:
Sweet Snacks - Afternoon Tea for Two at Canteen Plaza Indonesia
Dark Chocolate & Rum Truffle - so f**kin' delicious!
Dutch Butter Lemon Cake
Olive Oil Madeleine with Blueberries
Dark Chocolate Tart with Raspberry and Italian Meringue
Coconut Cookie
Dutch “Olie Bollen” with Icing Sugar - nomnom!

Savoury Snacks - Afternoon Tea for Two at Canteen Plaza Indonesia
Savoury (all of the below are simply divine, I'd steal for these!)
Smoked Salmon Crostini with Crème Fraiche & Dill
Tomato Jam Crostini with Feta Cheese & Basil
Dutch Bitterballen
Dutch Edam Cheese Croquette

And more photos please...
Canteen Plaza Indonesia
Canteen Plaza Indonesia
Canteen Plaza Indonesia
Afternoon Tea for Two at Canteen Plaza Indonesia
Afternoon Tea
Dutch Edam Cheese Croquette
Dutch Edam Cheese Croquette - it's Edam Cheese, rolled in dough and deep fried, addiction guaranteed for cheese fans!
I don't come across Dutch food that often, so this delectable tidbits are absolutely da bomb! And the price is a laughing joke, for the quality and quantity that you get. That's what I personally think, you may think otherwise, but I am absolutely digging this Afternoon Tea for Two at CANTEEN Jakarta.

CANTEEN Afternoon Tea for Two will only cost you IDR 165,000++ (inclusive of any selection of loose leaf tea)

*) Prices are subject to Tax and Service Charge

Plaza Indonesia Level 5 | JL. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30 | Ph: +6221 3156537 
Pacific Place Level 4 | JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 | Ph: +6221 57973742


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