Martabak Toblerone and Martabak Nutella from Martabak Pecenongan 65A

For the past few days, I've had people asking about the Martabak Toblerone I had last week. So in case anyone asks me (or you) again, just refer them to this post. Actually I did not intend to write a post about it, so I didn't take any the pictures using the proper gadget (read: DSLR), so pardon the poor quality of photos.

It all began when a friend of mine, Lady Onyengs posted a picture (which was originally posted by @Martabak65A's Instagram) on her own Instagram and tagged me in it, 
Screen capture of Martabak Pecenongan 65A's Instagram Post on Martabak Toblerone

My first reaction was just like most people: "Omagash!!! Gotta have it now!!!"

Then, the internal dilemma kicked in: I was helplessly tempted to try because (as far as I know), never before any other places invented this Martabak Toblerone or Martabak Nutella. Besides that, I had longed for this greasy treat for quite sometime, especially since they were closes over the Lebaran break and was only open quite recently (19 August 2013). PLUS my friends persuaded me to be their lab bunny and test if the this martabak lives up to all the hype.

The Location
So I happily obliged and 8.30PM I made my way to Pecenongan, good thing (perhaps not!) it's close to where I live, so I arrived pretty soon. It is pretty easy to spot, although on the whole stretch there are plenty of "Martabak Bandung Asli", you can tell from the queue and the number. The original one is 65A, remember the golden number. Anyway, it is located right next to Lumpia Jakarta restaurant, just across from Redtop Hotel. You won't get it wrong if you understand my decription.
The queue at Martabak Pecenongan 65A

The queue was not so long fortunately, but looking at their Instagram, seems like the buzz has picked up quickly and I believe the queue must be pretty long these days.

But anyways, here's a video of how they generously spread the slab of margerine on each martabak. Gosh, just play the video already!
The standard ingredients in each martabak: chocolate rice, sweet condensed milk, cheddar cheese, ground peanut, margarine, wijsman butter, etc
This is the standard Martabak ensemble. Don't even start counting the calories in each of these!

Warning: this martabak fetches a steep price for a street food. So, if you're not willing to pay, don't even bother cursing. Martabak 65A is so far the only place (I know) selling Martabak Toblerone and Martabak Nutella. So suck it up if you want to get your hands on these.
Pricelist of Martabak Toblerone (IDR 85,000) & Martabak Nutella (IDR 95,000)
What does it taste like?
I ordered the Toblerone-Cheese Martabak, which had half block of (grated) cheddar cheese, sweet condensed milk, margerine and shaved Toblerone. Good thing that the Martabak Toblerone is not as crazy sweet at the normal ones which use chocolate rice. So you can easily eat more than 1 slice without feeling overwhelmed by the sweetness. Apart from that, it tastes pretty ordinary actually. But this is worth the effort I suppose, considering that currently nowhere else sells Martabak Toblerone or Martabak Nutella. We can expect to see some copycats to follow in the fad pretty soon, or you can go to your neighbourhood martabak stall and hand them a bar of Toblerone to put in yours (lol!).

So, are you ready to queue for your greasy slice of Martabak Toblerone?

close-up view: a slice of Martabak Toblerone from Martabak Pecenongan 65A
Martabak Toblerone

Additional info:
- Martabak65A claims to provide table for dine in guests (at its small juice stall), but I'm not sure you'll be keen to stand the heat, mosquito and facing the butts of the crowd queuing there.
- I saw the Delivery Hotline number but I haven't tested it. So, maybe you can try your luck and see how long they'd take to deliver your box of sinful supper.
- Prices indicated are nett.

JL. Pecenongan Raya No. 65 A
Ph: +6221 3504081
Delivery Hotline: +6221 92165888


  1. I have the same reaction.

    I really ought to have one NOW. *drools*

  2. aaaah, masukin ke must-try-list! *drooling*

    1. Rasanya ga terlalu manis sih line, klo gw kayanya bakal bawa Toblerone sendiri trus minta dia tambahin wkwkw

  3. Getting your own Toblerone and getting a plain martabak sounds good too me haha the place's too far from my place! :(

  4. My brother in law taken the nutella martabak home,
    preety good, but i guess it's too damn pricey for that kinda so-so martabak
    i prefer holland much more than this...

  5. Ga pake DSLR aja udah cakep giniii :D
    Lagi hit ya, pas ke Jakarta kemaren ga sempat mampir.. :(




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