New: Elysée Restaurant & Wine Bar

If you had been to Ginger Li at Kemang 37 building, you’re probably wondering where the lady had disappeared to. To break out the news to you, she had just reincarnated from a demure and fine Oriental to an elegant yet more casual French. I’m talking about a restaurant, by the way.

Elysée Restaurant & Wine Bar is a new addition to Jakarta's collection of French diners, which takes on a more casual and wallet-friendly approach. This, is despite having a true-blue French Cuisiner (Chef) as the General Manager and the Executive Chef. In fact the idea to make the prices reasonable came from Chef Patrick Farjas himself. He believes in sharing the French dining experience to as many people as possible to keep them coming back.
Maître Cuisinier de France (Master Chef of France), Patrick Farjas

As I said, compared to its competitors, the prices at Elysée are not as ridiculous as some which I had been to. But being new, consequently means the items on the menu are not that varied yet. Chef Patrick will eventually update the menu for certain.

So, one week from the day it was open for business, I paid a visit to Elysée (oh, the traffic jam was the worst!). We had big platters for sharing  and individual servings for certain dishes, it was just like a family dinner. With the laughter, wine and cocktail and food, suddenly made my misery in the traffic jam felt like a distant past. We were joined by the two fine ladies who are managing Elysée, they are Masha Hasjim and Laura Hasjim. They couldn't be much older than me and yet already trusted to run the business by their parents, that's what I call girl power!

And after a few rounds of cocktails and the first glass of wine was poured, our dinner started to materialize...

The Smoked Salmon Corn Chowder uses generous salmon chunks and corn bits. It is my favourite of the evening.
Smoked Salmon Corn Chowder IDR 45,000

Escargot baked in bite-sized potato, Burgundian style IDR 55,000
Vegetable Terrine with Herbs Vinaigrette IDR 55,000
Marinated Japanese Sea Trout in lemon juice, shallot, extra virgin olive oil, toast & sweet butter IDR 55,000

Seared US Scallops with pistachio nut bits, sautéed fennel, fork-mashed potato & cured lemon IDR 118,000
Grilled Marinated Beef Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce IDR 135,000

The Apple Pie is not listed on the menu (perhaps not yet) but you really should try this. Ask the staff or from Chef Patrick, it's really worth the extra effort.
Apple Pie | New York style Cheesecake IDR 55,000
Fruit Tartlets IDR 48,000

Ongoing Promotion:
- Lunch is available a la carte or “Prix Fix” Daily Lunch Menu priced at IDR 118,000 which includes Starter, Entrée and Dessert.
- Joining the festive Ramadhan month, there’s Buka Puasa Delicious Ramadhan Menu for IDR 158,000 which entitles you to Tajil, Main Course and Dessert.

Price Range: IDR 38,000 – 135,000 (from Soup to Dessert)

*) Prices are subject to 18% Government Tax & Services

Elysée Restaurant & Wine Bar
Gedung Kemang 37
JL. Kemang Raya 37
Jakarta 12730
T: +6221 7179 1220
F: +6221 71702025

Make your reservation via Qraved, it's quick and easy!


  1. wah, apple pie sm escargotnya tempting bgt, El!

  2. Replies
    1. It is pretty unique, stashing the escargot inside baby potato

  3. I'm curious for the sea trout! Ginger Li jd udah ga ada gitu?

  4. is it still in the same site as ginger li? thanks!

    1. Yes, it's in fact where Ginger Li was at, only no more Ginger Li, but there's Elysee instead. Enjoy your meal there! =)



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