Something Stringy Comes This Way at BonChon Indonesia

It was just a little over a year ago (early 2012) that Michelle Surjaputra introduced this finger lickin'& lip smackin' Korean fried chicken to Indonesian market. This ambitious & young businesswoman did not waste any time when doing her stuff. Building on the momentum, Michelle expanded her fast food dining empire to a total of 11 outlets at the moment, in Jakarta and Bali. That roughly translates to about an average of 1 outlet monthly!

Within such a short time, BonChon has also added new items to its menu such as rice and burger for mains, wraps & bites for starter and Snow Flakes for dessert. Recently, I had the privilege to sample the newest addition to the current menu, which will be publicly available in March.
Background: Kimchi Soup | Foreground: BonChon Spicy Bites
Say hello to BonChon Myun, a type of memil guksu (메밀국수), which is a Korean version of Japanese Soba (buckwheat noodles). As usual, BonChon Myun comes in 2 versions: Original and Spicy. The noodles themselves are quite thick and stringy (as opposed to being curly) and comes served with reddish sauce and crispy chicken fillet. The sauce is a reminiscent of Bolognaise sauce of pasta and when asked, the chef confirmed that it was indeed tomato-based, but with added Korean herbs & spices.
I had the Spicy Myun, and the spices are tastier than the Original Myun. Although I would have loved the chicken fillet topping to be coated in BonChon signature sauce rather than being plain.

And of course dessert time! Warning: 3 mochis are NOT enough. Thank You BonChon Indonesia for inviting me to this happy bloggers gathering event. =)
Strawberry & Blueberry Snow Flakes | 3pcs of Mocha mochi
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