Lavender-infused Chocolate Croissant For Breakfast, anyone?

Chocolate Croissant SG$3.00 | Skinny Latte Small SG$ 5.80 / Large $6.50
This is supposed to be a secret (between you and me) but I'm telling you, the Chocolate Croissant from SweetSpot is actually infused with lavender essence, natural, of course!

SweetSpot at Marina Bay Sands is not a cafe nor a full-fledged bakery or p√Ętisserie. In a way, it is a meeting point, but furnished with a few tables, counters and stools and a tad too much calories and caffeine to tempt you while the clock ticks by. And it is not entirely self-service, except for the pre-packaged sweet souvenirs on the display racks at the right side. This concept is managed by Ryan Witcher, Executive Pastry Chef at Marina Bay Sands and the way he describes SweetSpot, "This place fills up quickly and then empties quickly and regularly". Just like waves, guests hardly linger long here because this is not meant to be a cafe with plush sofas and magazines. People walk-in, make a purchase, finish their food and leave.

One thing for sure, it's a wonderland for any sweet-toothed out there. The perfume of butter and chocolate in the air was just intoxicating. Honestly, I had difficulty keeping my hands off these pretty cakes when snapping the pictures below. Haha...
All freshly baked daily
My late breakfast lasted a tad longer than the median time people normally spent here. I had a chocolate croissant and a Skinny Latte (I did not recall well, but I reckon Ryan made the latte for us). The croissant did not reek of floral scent, as I had (secretly) doubted. The lavender is very subtle, almost unidentifiable if I wasn't told that the pastry dough was rolled with lavender essence. Although (sweet-toothed me) was kinda sad to find the chocolate stick not as thick as I expected, me still likey the light yet filling breakfast. (Thank you, Ryan!)

I regret not buying the macarons home :( backed by an ingenius sweet master, I have no doubt that they'd taste good...

Marina Bay Sands Lobby Tower 3
Ph: +65 6688 8588
Twitter: @SweetSpot_MBS
Open Hours: 7AM - 10PM (Yes, so you can leave for your early morning meeting with a cup of Skinny Latte and croissant in tow)


  1. I love the photos El! esp. the one showing the arrays of dessert mmmm



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