Nothing Fancy, It's Simply Awfully Chocolate

How do you like your chocolate cake?
I like mine spongy, moist, creamy yet light...and melts in the mouth with rich chocolat-y this one:
Rich Dark/White Chocolate Cupcakes IDR 35,000 / pc
Exactly this kind of simple, basic, yet heartwarming chocolate cake can be found at Awfully Chocolate, a brand that has its origins in Singapore. I had Chocolate Rum Cherry for my birthday 2 years ago and ate most of them in less than 24 hours because the moist spongy cake laced with rum & dark cherries weas simply irresistible.
This year, I sampled the rich dark and white chocolate cupcakes and again I ate most of them (while it was supposed to be a gift for my brother!). What can I say, the cake is borderline overly sweet (but still tolerable), and so light that I didn't get sick of it.

Macchiato IDR 24,000 | Super Stacked Chocolate IDR 38,000 | Awfully ChocolateCafe @Senopati
Awfully Chocolate Cafe
A dessert cafe to a sweet-tooth is just like a library to a bookworm. It is a source of happiness, and we can spend hours inside and still feel that time flies so swiftly. Guests can order from some of the creations cut into manageable slice portion. I had the best-seller here, Super Stacked Chocolate Cake, as described on the website, it is "A thicker, richer version of our All Chocolate cake with more bite, with different kinds of chocolate used for the six inner and outer fudge layers". My, it was truly dense and dry at the time I had it. I needed the macchiato to help me down the cake, something that rarely ever happen to me when eating dessert. (this is not a good sign). I guess, I just was not lucky t pick that one, should've picked something else more fluffy...

Awfully Chocolate is considerably pricey, but I will gladly part with my ka-ching for a slice of heaven on earth.

JL. Senopati No. 41C
South Jakarta
Ph: +6221 5731457
For other store locations, click here.


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