Bakmi WW Ketapang and Kue Ape (Boobs Cake)

Don't these remind you of boobs? - Kue Ape IDR 10,000 /6pcs
Back in my school days, Bakmi WW didn't exist yet. It was only sometime after I had left the institution, that the stall opened on the same side of the street as my old school (yes, I'm a proud alumnus of Ketapang I Primary & Secondary Christian School). Since then, I had often heard from the people around me sharing enthusiastically about how tasty Bakmi WW Ketapang is. Despite that, I never had the inclination to try as I heard their noodles is the thick type (the least of my preference) and they use char siew as topping (also not on top of my favourite topping for bakmi).

Years later, the chance presented itself when one fine morning my sister convinced me to give it a try.
"Uh, but I already had breakkie Sis..."
"A cup of coffee++" (it's too embarassing to list them all haha).

Alas, I lost the argument (willingly), defeated by my own curiosity and incomprehension about why people are so crazy about Bakmi WW. I just had to investigate for myself because after all, tasting is believing.
It's not as crowded on weekdays as on weekends.
While waiting for the noodles, we helped ourselves to some Baso Goreng or fried meatballs (blend of chicken and pork). My family prefers to eat it with the chili sauce so I just followed suit. It made the meatballs tasted more palatable somehow.
Baso Goreng IDR 4,000 /pc
When the noodles and pangsit (dumplings) came, my fear was cemented by the sight of 3mm (at least!) diameter noodles. Tasting note: it was slightly on the sweet side and they are very generous with the oil (red alert for those in diet regime!). It was not the most enjoyable bowl of noodles for me, but I tried to clear as much as I could (I'm raised in 'no food shall go to waste' family). But alas, I gave up after 2/3 of the bowl.
Mie Porsi Biasa + 3pcs Pangsit IDR 23,000
I appreciate the painstaking cooking process, from deep-frying the char siew together with ultra-generous amount of shallots, to mixing the perfect combination of chicken and pork used for the dumplings and meatballs. Unfortunately, the taste didn't make my taste buds tick. Perhaps it'll do wonders on yours? All I'm saying is, don't be discouraged by my comments, every food deserves a chance to be savoured. :)

And then for dessert, we bought Kue Ape from the peddler right outside the stall. Kue Ape actually has another quirky moniker: "Kue Tete" or boobs cake, due to its resemblance to breasts. Don't be put off (or turned on) by the nickname, as it is actually a classic yummy treat for school kids. It is definitely healthier than a giant cup of sugar and additives-saturated Slurpee from the omni-present 7/11 convenience store.
Kue Ape peddler outside the stall Bakmi WW Ketapang
The suggested way to enjoy Kue Ape is to nibble at the crispy brown edges until only the 'nipple' centre is left. Always safe the best part for last. The centre is supposed to taste sweet and chewy with the consistency of light pancake. Sometimes, you'd also find the 'nipple' in brown, other than green colour. I personally like the green version, as it resembles the colour of pandan, a natural flavouring & colouring common in asian desserts.

Bakmi WW Ketapang (non-Halal)
JL. KH. Zainul Arifin (same side as sekolah Ketapang, about 50 metres down the road)


  1. I laughed a little when I read the title of this post because 1) bakmi ww is my mother's favorite, the noodle that she always boasts and promotes to everyone and 2) kue ape is one of my favorite jakarta's street food. too bad no matter how much i eat it, i won't feel full :P that "cake" is such a trick!

    1. Haha...Your mum loves this? Nice! Kue Ape is tricky indeed, a deadly snack for those on diet, because it doesn't make one full easily...



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