Au Chocolat Bistro et Confiserie at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Au Chocolat is a relatively new addition to Marina Bay Sands Singapore's collection of F&B establishments. The 4,700 sq ft area is divided into 2 distinct sections: the Bistro and the Confiserie.

The Bistro is an all-day dining menu featuring classic French flavours and international cuisine such as salads, pastas, rotisserie and handmade savoury or sweet crepes. Whereas at the Confiserie, you will find all things sweet such as a gelato bar, fine handmade pralines and truffles, pre-packaged sweets and chocolates. It's also features a souvenir section, where you can purchase Au Chocolat-themed t-shirts, luggage tags, colour pencil sets, pens, water bottles, tumblers, mugs and many other thingumajigs!

Between the Bistro and the Confiserie, is the kitchen where all the cocoa magic happens. Passersby can catch glimpses of the chocolatier team, headed by Chef Chien Lin Tay, creating the toothsome treats.

The decor at Au Chocolat is inspired by the romantic feel of Parisian streets, with elegant vintage furniture adding to the sophisticated old-world allure. The elaborate fresco painting on the ceiling adds a lovely touch to the whole area.

Our group was supposed to have a 3-course dinner set. The selections were already picked out from the main menu, so we only had to choose from these available options.

Classic French Onion Soup (SGD 14) - Sweet caramelised onions cooked in rich veal broth & topped with grated parmesan cheese

RECOMMENDED: Italian Tomato Salad (SGD 18) -  tomatoes, sliced buffalo mozzarella cheese, pickled red shallot rings, with shredded basil & white balsamic dressing over a fresh crisp green salad

Main Course
Roast Chicken (SGD 24) - Tender corn-fed half-chicken served on the bone, marinated in Au Chocolat's secret recipe, served with either mashed potato or sweet potato fries
Battered Fish & Spiced Chips (SGD 22) - Dory fish fillets, served with salad &  Au Chocolat signature green tartar sauce
TRY THIS: Duck Confit with Tangy Chocolate Orange Sauce (SGD 27) - Pan-roasted duck thigh served with potato mash, white wine poached pear & topped with tangy chocolate-orange sauce

Au Chocolat Original Cheesecake with Strawberries & Mixed Berry Sorbet (SGD 15)
Rustic French Apple Pie with Vanilla Gelato & Salted Caramel Sauce (SGD 15)
Halfway through nomming down the generously-portioned main course, Chef Chien Lin Tai visited our table to present us with these fine pralines & truffles. Being a die-hard dark chocolate fan, I love the House Truffle most, with the Hazelnut Feuilletine come close after that. The White Rocher was quite chunky and hard for my braced teeth to fully enjoy it. Some of us couldn't stomach the pralines as we were very stuffed! Wished I brought a tupperware so I can take away the left-over. Haha!

L-R: White Rocher (crispy almond strips), Hazelnut Feuilletine (crispy hazelnut wafer), House Truffle (dark chocolate)
*) Exchange rate: 1 SGD ≈ IDR 7,800 (as of 14 Sept 2012)

Au Chocolat
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Bay Level L1 - 03
Ph: +65 66887227 (Bistro) +65 66887557 (Confiserie)
Facebook: Au Chocolat Singapore | Twitter: @AuChocolatSG

Opening Hours:
Bistro: 10AM - 12 midnight, daily (last order 11.30)
Confiserie: Sun - Thurs 10AM - 11PM  |  Fri & Sat 10AM - 12 midnight


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