Pecenongan Fodder (part 4): Nasi Uduk Ayam Goreng Sri Rostika

Our final pitstop for this episode of Pecenongan Fodder is Nasi Uduk Ayam Goreng Sri Rostika

Nasi Uduk Sri Rostika is the one and only stall selling nasi uduk at Pecenongan Raya. I guess that's why it is quite popular here. I only had the rice, sans any other side dishes like roast chicken, tofu or tempe that normally accompanies nasi uduk, because the side dishes didn't look quite appetizing. So we only had the rice to accompany our pork satay and martabak telor. From the looks of it, the rice wasn't purely white, possibly from the spices and herbs added. Too bad the rice didn't taste impressive at all. And the fried shallots were just way too stingy! But really, I'm not very keen to repeat my visit at this stall, because I can find better nasi uduk elsewhere. If you're keen to know where, keep a tab on my future posts =)

This stall also sells other dishes such as the stir-fried water spinach (Kangkung Cah), Soto, Sayur Asem, Karedok, and grilled seafood like squid, fish and prawn. Be warned that whenever the staff cooks Kangkung Cah on the stove, it never fails to emanate particularly choking and sharp fume (must be from the chili and belacan)! I didn't try it, so I can't comment on the taste.

Street food experience in Jakarta such as this in Pecenongan, is nothing like anywhere else. You will be constantly annoyed by the mosquitoes, the noise from the street and cars and motorbikes ploughing through the jam-packed street, and of course, not to forget the "Free" entertainment - the perpetual and persistent street buskers. While eating at any of these stalls, don't be surprised if you are suddenly approached by kids, singing falsely at the clap of their fragile hands or at times, more seasoned adults who come with mobile speaker, even mic and guitar! Some are rather persistent folks. When you choose to just ignore them, they'll stay quite long, either to wait for you to open your wallets or simply to annoy the hell out of you, so you'll give your money to shoo them away.

And of course, Jakarta is not Jakarta without the rampant sights of  vagrants on the streets. On the 2 nights I came to Pecenongan, I crossed paths with the same pair of an old disabled woman sitting on a self-made wooden cart and 1 person who pushes her around from stalls to stalls. Am I heartless if I feel no inclination to make any donations?

You may occasionally feel your goosebumps raised when something smooth bristles past between your legs. No, it is not a supernatural apparition, it's just nonchalant city cats that thrive at places like this. They could care less if you're 10x their size, as these cats will walk through your "territory" and brush against your skin, sometimes I think, are done on purpose. I almost jumped in my seat had I not seen the cat a few seconds before it reached my legs. *huff! You never know what clings onto its fur...

Pecenongan culinary adventure will be paused here. Keep an eye for future posts ;)

*) No Tax & Service Charges. No tip is expected. Pay when you leave and where you ordered.
Outside the stall 
Inside...the tables started to fill up pretty soon
Nasi uduk (rice only)  IDR 6,000 | Sambal Cobek IDR 500
Kangkung Cah IDR 11,000
Nasi Uduk Ayam Goreng Sri Rostika
JL. Pecenongan Raya (opposite Redtop Hotel) | Ph: (021) 96961675
JL. Sunter (200m after Sunter Mall) | Ph: (021) 92807081


  1. Totally agree with you El! The taste is not good at all, I'm still wondering why it's always crowded everynight :( I'm a huge fan of cah kangkung but theirs is totally disappointing, the nasi uduk is so so, the sambal is mehhh, also all their fried products are too tiny & covered with scary oil -_-

    If you want to try better one still around that area, I'll recommend "Nasi Uduk Kota Intan" (or have you tried that already?) at Samanhudi/Krekot, right beside Sop Kaki & Sate Kambing Krekot cabang Krekot, in front of GKI church. My all time favorite! :D (Their sambal itself could drive me 'sakaw' hehe). They even have 2 stalls for themselves. All Karang Anyar, Krekot, Pecenongan, Pasar Baru (and around) residents must know its fame.

    It's Anggun anyway. Not sure if I'm doing it right since this is my 1st time commenting here, haha... *katro mode* :p

    1. Woott!!!! Must try Kota Intan ASAP! thanks for the tip-off, Gun ;)



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