le Seminyak, a Modern Balinese Experience in Jakarta

When you are in Jakarta and suddenly crave for some spicy & rich Balinese food, where do you usually go to? You may already have your own favourite Balinese restaurant in Jakarta, but why not try Le Seminyak at Pacific Place. The location inside a shopping mall and its stylish setting offers easy access and a pleasantly modern, yet authentic Balinese dining experience.

The very first time I set foot inside Le Seminyak, I was impressed by the predominantly wooden interior with high ceiling and tall glass windows. The menu selection was quite intimidating, there was just too many that we wanted to try, but there were only 2 tummies to fill in (and calorie-concious tummies to add to that!).

Fortunately, there was a Set Menu for 2. Basically, you just need to choose 1 Signature dish from the 3 options offered:
Gurame Sambal Mangga Muda (IDR 215,800) OR
Ikan Barramundi Bakar Jimbaran (IDR 295,800) OR
Bebek Goreng Ubud (IDR 195,800)

The price looks ridiculous? Wait! I have not finished describing the complete set yet. For each price tags, they already include these:
Ayam Suwir Pelalah (shredded chicken marinated in hot spices)
2pcs of Sate Lilit (fish paste wrapped around lemongrass sticks)
Tahu Telur (fried egg-tofu drenched in sweet soya sauce, topped with bean sprouts)
Tumis Pucuk Waluh (stir-fried vegetables in rich gravy)
Telur Bumbu Bali (fried egg marinated in sambal)
Kerupuk Kampung (traditional crackers)
Sambal Matah
2 servings or rice, choose either plain white rice or Nasi Kuning (yellow savoury rice)
2 servings of Dessert Platter, each comes with: Pisang Karamel, Bubuh Injin (black glutinous rice) and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Now, that's what I call a good deal of a set menu! We got to try a little bit of everything, without eating too much, simply perfect for sharing! The place was curiously deserted when we visited though, I'm not really sure why, could it be the location, tucked in a less walked path inside Pacific Place? Whatever the reason is, I will be looking forward to more visits in the future.

Le Seminyak interior
a Balinese experience at Le Seminyak
Ice Longan Tea IDR 22,800
Bebek Goreng Ubud (comes served with long bean)
The side dishes of the Set Menu for 2
Bebek Goreng Ubud Set Menu for 2 IDR 195,800
Dessert Platter: Bubuh Injin, Pisang Karamel & Vanilla Ice Cream
Le Seminyak
Pacific Place Level 5, Unit 38
Ph: (021) 5140 0610


  1. what a perfect set for two! i miss that bubur injin, haven't eaten that for quite some time now..hehe. it's black sticky rice with coconut milk, right?

  2. Iya this is Bubur Ketan Hitam, dear. Eaten with savoury coconut milk, sublime!



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