Pand'Or Food and Cakes

I will keep this post short, sharp & sleek. One fine morning, brother came home with a bag of Pand'Or bread & cakes. Not wasting anytime, I took quick snapshots using whatever utensils I could find to make them look decent hehe. Taste wise, I personally think the bread is still inferior to that from Tous Les Jours, a new French-Korean bakery-cum-cafe concept, which pioneered the concept of flavoured cream cheese bread. I will write a post about it soon, but in the meantime, you can take a peek at my fellow blogger's review by clicking the link above. Out of all, my favourite was the black forest slice cake. I guess Pand'Or's forte is in the cakes, not the bread.
Chicken Mushroom Bread IDR 15,909
Cream Cheese Bun IDR 15,909
Banana Choco Cheese Bread IDR 17,272
Black Forest IDR 26,818
Pand'Or Food and Cakes
- JL. Wijaya I No. 60 | Kebayoran Baru - South Jakarta | Ph: +62 21 7208351 / 7247011
- The Energy Building (Next to Plaza Bapindo) | SCBD, Lot 11 A | Mezzanine Floor | Ph: +62 21 52960090


  1. Haduh sepertinya enak.. bikin ngiler sekali :) Must try

    Please visit and follow my blog

    Thank u,

  2. Tours le Jours's breads are likeable, but this one has a fancy name too! ;)

  3. @Vebbi: thanks for dropping by. I've already visited ya dear, and will help to spread the words =)

    @irene: Tous les Jours is worth going crazy for! I love the cream cheese buns! Somehow the buns are rather chewy, but in an oh-so-good way =D

  4. hello there :) I was looking for a spot for my birthday later this month, wanted to see reviews on the restaurants around Jakarta- which later I came across your blog! what a fantastic blog, really helped a lot. It came down to Luna Negra, I might try checking it out before hand. Another thing is I'd like to highly recommend bluegrass, its just behind epicentrum walk kuningan. you should give it a try and I'd like to see the reviews :) the atmosphere is to die for, and not to mention the food is quite satisfying. don't forget to try the smoked salmon and baby back ribs :) hope to see the reviews soon so i could actually pick between that or LN :) thank you! xoxo
    will keep checking back to see them reviews :)

  5. @anonymous: Thanks for visiting. I've heard rave reviews about Bluegrass from other fellow bloggers. I shall try it sometime soon. Thanks for your recommendation.



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