Bon Chon Chicken - Now even more finger-lickin' good

Non-flour dipped fried chicken is the new trend of fried chicken in Jakarta. Bon Chon Chicken, a chicken restaurant chain from South Korea has set foot in Jakarta. What a good news for culinary enthusiasts here, because just for your information, so far Bon Chon can only be found in a few other countries like the US, Thailand & the Philippines.

To be very honest, if I previously always took the trouble to peel the greasy skin off any fried chicken I ate, the exception only applies to Bon Chon. There are a few strong reasons for doing so. Firstly, Bon Chon uses free range chicken that are selected by weigh. So to spoil the fun (for some of us) no grease-dripping chicken will be served here. Besides that, the skin is also the best part of the Bon Chon experience. The chicken pieces are marinated in the special sweet and savoury sauce, which is why the crunchy skin is the highlight of your feast.

Bon Chon recently launched its new addition to the menu they are the Bon Chon Wraps: Chicken Wrap (caution, very spicy) and Bulgogi Wrap (with juicy beef slices inside). I have two personal favourite items here. The first one is the the Bon Chon Bites, which are bite-size boneless chicken with crispy skin & marinated in the special sauce. The other champion is the ice-cream filled Mochi. It is as if the snow skin melts in your mouth as you sink your teeth in and taste the delicious ice cream. I wished I could have more...haha, maybe not at this food tasting, but I don't mind paying for these yummy bite-sized sweet treats.

I shall thank Bon Chon Chicken Indonesia for inviting me and other fellow culinary bloggers/media to this food tasting. 감사합니다 
Bulgogi Wrap IDR 20,000 & Chicken Wrap IDR 20,000
Bon Chon Bites (small 10pcs IDR 13,181 | Large 20pcs IDR 24,090)
Bon Chon Chicken (small) IDR 25,000 + French Fries IDR 9,090
Mochi (small 3pcs IDR 14,090 | Medium 6pcs IDR 26,818 | Large 9pcs IDR 40,000)
*) All prices are subject to 10% tax PB1

- Citiwalk Sudirman | Ground Floor | Ph: +62 21 25556629
- Grand Indonesia Shopping Town | 5th Floor Sky Bridge | Ph: +62 21 23580009
- Central Park | Lower Ground | Ph: +62 21 29200266
- Gandaria City | 2nd Floor | Ph: +62 21 29052958
- Kota Kasablanka | 2nd Floor
- Supermal Karawaci | Ground Floor | Lippo Karawaci - Tangerang | Ph: +62 21 54220132
- Living World Alam Sutera | Ground Floor | Alam Sutera - Tangerang | Ph: +62 21 29239545
DELIVERY HOTLINE: +62 21 500051
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  1. Thank for the review Ellyana, It's been an honour having you at our even last Saturday. We are happy that you enjoy it!! ^ ^

  2. nyum nyum.. get curious with the bonchon wrap and ice cream mochi.. will try later ;)

  3. will definitely try when I'm back. itu ice creamnya rasa apa?

  4. @bonchonindonesia: The pleasure and honour was mine too =)

    @Lolo: Aku personally recommend Bite nya ci...bikin nagih =P Mochinya juga hehe

    @irene: Why not hope that they'll open in Sydney soon? ;) Hehe

  5. want to share my personal opinion

    just tried this today

    definitely not my taste...

    tried original chicken, spicy chicken, spicy tender,gyoza

    all far below my standards..

    price so so, par to KFC
    taste... far from KFC

    this is personal opinion
    other may have different results...



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