New Starbucks Roast Spectrum

Starbucks Indonesia has recently launched its new roast spectrum, consisting nothing less than 12 roast variants! You are probably puzzled by such an exhaustive range of coffee, and wonder if there's a need for that. This actually shows Starbucks commitment and dedication to cater to every tastes and preferences, even for non-coffee drinkers.
There's a new blonde in town! hehe
Some highlights of this launch were:
Starbucks Veranda Blend

Starbucks Blonde Roast goes public!
What is a Blonde Roast? It is a name for Starbucks' coffee beans that were processed within a shorter (than usual) roasting period, resulting in very mild & light coffee taste. A good starting point for new coffee drinkers, who can eventually go up the roast spectrum all the way to Medium and Dark blends (richer, stronger and more intense).

Spring 2012 Food
What I notice about the food served at the coffee stations this time is that 95% of them, are sweet. Some are rather overwhelmingly sweet unless consumed with Starbucks' unsweetened hot beverages. I'm not sure if this was done on purpose, but it surely worked well to make us try the coffee blends to moderate the sweet treats.
Back: Fillo Chocolate Raisin Pastry IDR 27,500
Front: Toffee Almond Bars IDR 21,000
Red Velvet Cake Roll IDR 25,000
Spring 2012 Beverages
For this spring, Starbucks has lined up 2 of its popular classics: Caramel Cream Coffee Jelly Frappuccino and Cocoa Cappuccino. I liked the coffee jelly, which wasn't too chewy and not too sweet. Just delish!

Cocoa Cappuccino
Caramel Cream Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

Thank you Starbucks for organizing events like this, we coffee lovers simply can't live without a cup of your green lady (the logo). Can't wait to see what's in store for the food and beverages next season. =)


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