Fatburger's New Menu: Classic Beef Rice

Fast food has never been tastier than this. When I noticed Fatburger's promotion banner outside a shopping mall, it looked so tempting and the price was too good to miss.
Classic Beef Rice with Mushroom Sauce IDR 25,000 (normal price:  IDR 34,090)
What is it?
Classic beef rice hotplate style, served with either mushroom sauce or BBQ sauce, fried egg and sweet potato chips. If you have tried Fatburger's burger, you know how tantalizing the beef patty tastes! Imagine having having just the beef patty and a slice of bacon, drenched in yummy mushroom sauce. Now that's a good deal for western food lovers, but who cannot live without your good ol' rice.
So, what are you waiting for? Head down to Fatburger now and try it for yourself =)

Fat Burger Indonesia

- Plaza Indonesia | Lower Basement (next to Snack Zone) #36 | Ph: +62 21 29923852
- Pondok Indah Mall 1 | 2nd Floor (Area 51) Unit 2 - 1 | Ph: +62 21 7662637
- Senayan City | Lower Ground #70 | Ph: +62 21 72781686
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  1. whoa whoa whoa, itu harga promo nya sampe kapan ???

  2. Thanks for the comments for Fatburger Classic Beef Rice .... Really a great covering ...

  3. @cindy: Gw ga yakin sih promonya sampe kapan, tapi kan kantor lo deket hehe, tinggal turun buat lunch tuh dr The Plaza =P

    @Jimmy: Thanks for dropping by too! Gla you enjoy readin it =)



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