Rempah-Rempah Restaurant

Looking back at the culinary journeys I've had, somehow I often found myself at some virtually-vacated places, that actually offer delectable dishes! And this entry is another example of such experience.
The Interior of Rempah Rempah Restaurant, Senopati
At the time of our visit, which was Saturday evening, it was actually extremely unusual to find a restaurant in Jakarta, void of any patrons! But personally, I enjoy such solitude (am I weird, or what?). I'm not sure why, maybe because I enjoy the undivided attention from the restaurant staff. Besides, in the absence of other guests, you can focus on the food and your companion better, as your eyes will unlikely dart around and check out the tables or people across from yours. However, be warned that this sort of setting is certainly not recommended if your companion / date is boring you to death! Haha...that would be akin to suicide! =P

Among the plethora of traditional Indonesian restaurants, Rempah-Rempah is one name that is worth your attention (and visit), for a number of reasons:
  • It's delicious and authentic - Rempah-Rempah prides itself in the entirely authentic family recipes that were passed down over the generations. The items that we ordered that night exceeded our expectations.
  • Strategic location - You could easily find Rempah Rempah, which is just across from Emilie French restaurant at Senopati Raya.
  • Affordable - Who doesn't love affordable and good food?
  • You can enjoy Indonesian buffet lunch every Sundays for the price of 120,000/pax.
So, enuf' said, now you may feast your eyes on these delectable photos. Cheers! =)
Bitter Ballen (3pcs) IDR 19,000
Tumis Kangkung Tauco IDR 24,000
Soto Koya Betawi IDR 39,000
Empal Daging (3pcs) IDR 44,000
Jus Sunset Bali (Pineaple juice with carrot, orange, passion fruit and simple syrup) IDR 27,500
- JL. Senopati Raya No.60 | South Jakarta | Ph: +62 21 7254352
- JL. Setiabudi II no 1 | South Jakarta | Ph: +62 21 5252074
Open Hours: 11AM - 10PM (11PM on weekends)

JL. Veteran No. 8 | Ph: +62 511 3258090

Rempah-Rempah Resto & Cafe
JL. Raya Abepura | Ph: +62 967 587933


JL. Sumpah Pemuda M7 | Palembang | Ph: +62 711 361922


  1. Wow, I'm surprised of how affordable the prices are! I'll definitely drop by sometime soon, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Always my pleasure to share...You're most welcome dear =)



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