(not Cafe, not Dept) It's The Goods Diner!

The Goods Diner is located at Fairgrounds, a reincarnation of Bengkel Nightpark at SCBD. It was Australia day, so our director who is an Australian, took us out for lunch (hurrah!). At the time of our visit, The Goods Diner was bustling with patrons. Luckily we still could get a seat by the window overlooking the green & meandering street of SCBD area.

The restaurant is spacious, with modern decor and furnishing. I like the big windows, which allows natural sunlight to penetrate the restaurant & save some electricity (go green!). The international menu offered here is not very extensive, but there are some quite interesting fusion such as the Penne Duck Curry that's prepared with lychee and red thai curry. I was later informed that they're expanding the menu after the trial period is over (Yes, The Goods Diner is new, but is doing well!). Keep a lookout for the Burgers menu, some interesting addition is brewing on the horizon!

For that noon's lunch, we ordered Nasi Goreng Kampoeng and Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich. I liked the fried rice, it's become my 2nd favourite after ninety-nine's Nasi Goreng Kampoeng. The Goods Diner's version comes with grilled chicken fillet in peanut sauce and generous fried shallot bits (I'm a huge fan of shallot, so this won me over, hands down!).

If you're a fan of The Goods, you should definitely try this place. =)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Bar area
Food Menu
Lychee Lemonade IDR 25,000; Ice Lemon Tea with Lemongrass Stick IDR 25,000; Lemonade
Nasi Goreng Kampoeng IDR 45,000
Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich IDR 45,000
The Goods Diner
Fairgrounds (ex Bengkel Nightpark) | SCBD Lot 14th | Ph: (021) 5152969
Twitter: @theGOODSdiner
Rainbow Cake & Red Velvet Cake hotline: +6281316488899 or BB PIN 221E3378

Make your reervation via Qraved, it's quick and easy!


  1. the food looks totally yummy. and I love your post's efficiency. singkat padat jelas gitu hehe :) Loving your blog even more! :D

  2. whoaaa, place-wise, this is an instant like, gotta try more of the foooods

  3. @irene: Thanks dear, always such a sweet girl =)

    @OH MY GOOD FOOD: kayanya mirip2 sama The Goods Cafe ya, cuma menu di situ lebih banyak...

    @Ruby: So this is your kinda place eh? Heheh...

  4. wajib coba buat long weekend sepi nya jakarta :)

  5. Hi Belinda! Thanks for dropping by.

    Yup, the traffic at this long-weekend cannot get any better =D sepi...asikkk

  6. Had a not so good experience here, but maybe it's just me. For fried rice my personal favorite is oxtail fried rice at bakerzin. Delish!

  7. @Jessica: Thanks for your recommendation. I haven't visited Bakerzin in a while, kinda miss it actually =)

  8. I've been wanting to visit this place for quite some time. The place looks so nice and the food seems delicious. It's so wrong visiting your blog at this hour! :(



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