The Soup Spoon

Feeling guilty from the big feast you had at dinner last night? Please, don't starve yourself to try to make up for it! Why not hit the gym today, do a few cardio classes and finish the day with a bowl of tummy-feeling & healthy soup from The Soup Spoon?

The Soup Spoon is a popular soup chain from Singapore, which opened its first branch in Indonesia back in 2010. The menu itself consists of home-made soups, sandwiches, salads, wraps and light dessert, that are all made of only the freshest ingredients.

I had the Puff Pastry set (1 soup served with puff pastry + 1 drink + salad). For the soup, I chose the Simon & Garfunkel Chicken Ragout and Iced Lemon Tea for the drink. The soup is creamy (my preferred style), with a rich mix of herbs. You can find generous chicken chunks in your soup, which was cooked with mushrooms too. After the tiring work outs, those proteins certainly make a delicious nourishment to restore your energy and build your muscle mass (fyi: more muscle = more calories burnt!).
Puff Pastry + Simon & Garfunkel Chicken Ragout soup set + drink & salad IDR 57,000
First scoop: there's a lot more of the tender chicken chunks in the soup!
Iced Lemon Tea (included in the set)
Alternatively, you could also try the Velvety Mushrom Stroganoff...I've had this one from my previous visit and it's unlike Italian mushroom soups, this one is creamy and thick, with generous mushroom chunks...yum! So, let's dig in... =)

The Soup Spoon
- Grand Indonesia Shopping Town | West Mall - LG Level #24 | Ph: +62 21 23581098
- Citywalk Sudirman | Ground Floor #9A | Ph: +6221 29959847

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  1. Gorgeous pics as always! <3

    Just wondering, is the soup REALLY creamy? Cos I love cream soup but not too thick. And what herbs do they put in? It sure looks like some curry stuffs there XD

  2. Thankiess dear >_< hehe...

    I was like you, fooled by its looks. I thought it's curry too from the colour. The herbs were parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

    Well, it's not THAT creamy, nothing as creamy as cream corn soup or such. This one is a little bit sour, so it's quite a refreshing twist... Try it for yourself =)

  3. Definitely will try! I love parsley and rosemary herbs <33

    Thanks for the info ^__^



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