Payon Kemang

Man can only plan, but fate still decides everything in the end... 

Prelude: I initially intended to try Jakarta's sunset dining with a friend. We agreed on IndoChine, but it was closed temporarily for renovation. What a bummer! So, I remembered that Shy Rooftop in Kemang is another popular spot. And again, when I called, I was told that it's closed for renovation. I gave up and finally let my friend pick a place. On his friends' recommendation, our destination changed to Payon in Kemang.

Payon is an established name in Jakarta's culinary scene, even though it didn't receive as much publicity as it should've. It is probably not a place where youngsters would consider 'hip' or 'happening' to hang out at, because what Payon offers is a calming and green respite in the midst of the bustling Kemang area. The clubs, bars and newer restaurants around it may seem to outshine Payon, but it's totally untrue, as Payon has found its niche: a lush greenery with calming waters from the ponds, where people can host garden parties and functions. This sort of place isn't very common in the heavily paved and urbanized Jakarta.

I set off to Kemang before sunset, but the traffic then was manic! I ended up reaching when it's already dark. Luckily my friend arrived there earlier (on time!) so he managed to snap these beautiful pictures:

From the entrance towards the restaurant area
From the restaurant area towards the building at the rear (for functions)
The Peculiar menu, like opening a wooden window...
Payon specializes in Javanese cuisine, with dishes mainly consisting of seafood. For starters, I was intrigued by the "today's special", which was tofu and mushrooms wrapped in fried beancurd skin, called Kulit Tahu Payon. So glad that he liked it. These vegetarian appetizers are perfect with the sweet brown sauce.
Kulit Tahu Payon IDR 40,685
Since he happens to be huge fan of seafood, we ordered the Gurame Bakar Bumbu Kuning. I requested for a small fish, as I'm afraid I can't help him that much in finishing the fish. As for myself, I ordered the Iga Bakar  Payon (Grilled Ribs in sweet soya sauce), which I had read somewhere, was the recommended item here. And a few more items such as the Sayur Lodeh and plain rice for him (which he cordially shared with me...Weren't we all taught on how to share, in our Kindergarten days?) =D
Gurame Bakar Bumbu Kuning IDR 13,792 /100gr
Iga Bakar Payon IDR 70,040
Sayur Lodeh IDR 18,540
My Jus Markisa (Passion fruit juice, with soda) was slightly sweet, but I can still handle it, because I'm sweeter still LMAO!!! Just kidding =P
Jus Markisa Payon IDR 22,145
Payon is considerably affordable for Kemang's standard. So, if you want to host a garden party, or have a romantic dinner with someone special over traditional Indonesian dishes and in an open air setting, this is definitely worth a try =)

‪Jl Kemang Raya 17
Ph: (021) 7194826



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