Luna Negra

Since 2011, Luna Negra has become phenomenally popular among discerning diners in Jakarta's bustling culinary scene. Luna categorized itself as a bar, wine cellar and Italian restaurant, the menu shows wider variety of cuisine, such as dim sum, tapas, grills, etc. It is certainly no easy feat trying to juggle all those titles under its belt, but judging from the wild popularity among both locals and expats, I suppose Luna has been doing well so far.

While waiting for a table, I took a few pictures of the interior:
The Bar Section
The Wine Cellar Section
The crews seemed to be very eager to take our order, but as I & my friend wasn't ready, we dismissed them a few time. It was quite difficult to make your decision if everything in the menu looks really good. Plus the menu was packaged in a rather unusual concept: like a journal, with interesting facts about food at each turn of the pages. I think I focused more on reading the facts than picking what I would like to order! =P

Soon enough my Iced Mint Chocolate came, followed by a basket of complimentary bread with. I didn't waste any time and started digging away...nom nom. The Iced Mint Chocolate turned out to be a blended beverage, oh what a bummer! I thought it was iced, meaning: liquid chocolate with ice cubes.
Complimentary Bread Basket + Butter , Iced Mint Chocolate IDR 35,000
My friend ordered the Gnocchi Gratinate, which tasted just fine. There was nothing special to make me want to have another scoop.
Gnocchi Gratinate IDR 81,000
As for my Pan-fried Chicken Breast with Mushrooms served with Vegetables Gratin, it was a jackpot for me! I loved the creamy mushroom gravy, wished there were more mushrooms in it. The 2 slices of boneless chicken breast was enough to satiate my tummy, don't forget there are the veggies gratin too (tomato, zucchini & bellpepper slices).
Pan-fried Chicken Breast with Mushrooms served with Vegetables Gratin IDR 79,000
This place is strongly recommended if you want to impress 'that' somebody, or to treat your special ones. Oh, just for your information, Luna Negra also offers delivery service for lunch, for a limited range of area (I suppose). So, if your office is somewhere on Jalan Sudirman and you happen to be too tied up at work to head out for lunch, remember that sumptuous Italian meal is just a call away. =)

Luna Negra
Plaza Bapindo, Citibank Building - Ground Floor
JL. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 54- 55
Ph: (021) 2995 0077


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  3. I think your pics are getting nicer and nicer, I couldn't help drooling over them :) and how does a fried tomato taste like? :p

  4. Thankee Irene =) Took em with pocket digital camera...It's the photoshop that did the wonders =P

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