DIY: Choco Kahlua on the rocks

This drink is very simple & easy to make, but tastes oh-sinfully-good! I name it Choco Kahlua and it's is just the perfect beverage to chill with on a warm evening, like the past few days have been.

How does it taste like? Alcoholic (just a teeny bit though!), chocolate-y, but very light, with a whiff of coffee aroma from the Kahlua. If you have had Chocolate Martinis elsewhere, this drink is the closest home-made version of it. And guess what? you only need 4 ingredients to make this concoction: Cocoa powder, milk, Kahlua liquor and a block of chocolate.
It's alcoholic & it's chocolate-y! Doubly sinful =D
How to prepare:
  1. Add about 3 tsp of cocoa powder into 100ml of hot water. Mix well.
  2. Add milk, just enough to slightly lighten the colour of the liquid chocolate. Stir well.
  3. Pour into a serving glass.
  4. Now, add the Kahlua as much as desired. Use a spoon to aid when pouring, so you can achieve the double layer effect.
  5. With a grater, shave the chocolate block on top. I'd recommend using dark chocolate (70% is best), as you won't want your drink to have oily layer on top.
  6. Top it off with a few ice cubes (hence: on the rocks) and a strawberry for sweet finishing touch.
Let's have a toast, cheers! =)


  1. I bet it's so chocolatey! mmm would love to make some :)

  2. Hehe...only thing is the Kahlua is ex =( but lucky my bro sponsored it last time to make tiramisu. I'll post a DIY: Tiramisu sometime yah, look forward to it =D



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