Compartés Chocolatier Los Angeles

To you, who gave me these chocolates, thank you for your thoughtfulness and for the brief but memorable moment we had over the dinner (the mosquitoes insisted on joining our party, oh's Jakarta!).
They are oomph! Exquisitely orgasmic...
I was told that Compartés is a distinguished chocolatier from the city of lost angels, Los Angeles since 1950. All the goods made by Compartés are handmade daily with ingredients from all over the world. Inside the boxes I received, each pieces of the dark chocolates have different designs, so I reckon they must have different fillings. I went on to the website and went almost breathless, there were so many flavours, from the standard to exotic ones!
It's the thought that counts...
I will try other flavours from Compartés someday for sure =)


  1. OMG so lucky! I've heard about them but haven't tried. which one's the best?

  2. Yes, I'm lucky indeed =P Which one...umm, to be honest so far i've only had 2 pieces, don't have the heart to eat the rest, they're too precious! >,<" haha



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