Ten Ten Tempura House

Last 19th December marked Ten Ten's 1st year. So far it has opened 2 branches in Plaza Indonesia and Pondok Indah Mall I. To celebrate with its loyal patrons, Ten Ten offered 50% discount for all items (with purchase of Freeze or Cooler beverages). That offer was way too good to miss, so I went there with 4 friends before noon. By lunchtime, the outlet was soon packed and queues started to form at the entrance *huff, lucky we came early!

Clockwise from top left: Salmon Miso Ramen IDR 60,000
Ebi Yose Katsu + Mini Tempura Set IDR 50,000
Chicken Tamago Ramen + Mini Tempura IDR 45,000
Beef Asparagus Roll IDR 35,000
I ordered the Chicken Tamago Ramen and here's my opinion: the soup and the ramen was very tasty when still piping hot, but as the temperature lowered, I started realizing that it was rather unusually salty (perhaps the dark coloured soup consituted of mainly soya sauce?). But the highlight of my meal had been the Blackpepper Mini Tempura. The tempura tasted perfect with the Tendon Sauce (you can find the sauce on every tables). As for the Beef Asparagus Roll, it was a unique twist, however, I suppose it would be even better if the beef was less chewy. 

Beef Yakiniku + Mini Tempura Set IDR 50,000
Spicy Ebi Tempura (2pcs) IDR 20,000
Oh, life's incomplete without dessert so I went back in the evening with my brother for Ten Ten's dessert! We had the Chocolate Mousse and the Black Forest Cream Roll. I didn't expect to find lemon syrup at the bottom of the mousse, which went surprisingly well with the chocolate flavour! I was wondering why the mousse was hard, like ice cream that just came out of the fridge. Turns out, the mousse didn't have enough time to thaw before being served. Well, judging from how busy the restaurant was, I understood why. Now, the Black Forest Cream Roll was something worth trying too, especially if the price is 50% less! teehee =P

Clockwise from top left: Chocolate Mousse IDR 20,000
Rose Collagen 18,000
Black Forest Cream Roll IDR 18,000
Blueberry with Jelly IDR 18,000 & Kyoho Grape Cooler IDR 18,000
I shall take this opportunity to wish Ten Ten a happy birthday! After all, one year is a remarkable achievement. Keep up the quality & service standard, and Ten Ten shall be well on its way to becoming one of Jakartan's favourite restaurants. =)

Plaza Indonesia | Basement Level #16 - 19 | Ph: (021) 2992 3730

Pondok Indah Mall 1 | 2nd Floor, Unit 222-223 | Ph: +62 21 7512369
Twitter: @tentenjakarta


  1. sooooo lucky! PI is wayyy to far from my place so it kinda hinder me to go there hehe. the tempura look so crunchy! :D

  2. Teehee, yes I was lucky indeed dear. Too bad the location is not so accessible from your house =( It was a fantastic one-day deal!



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