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Do you love mushrooms? As an occult fan on mushrooms, I love em fried, sauteed, stuffed, steamed, stir-fried, grilled and many other cooking methods. There are a lot of edible mushrooms out there, but I shall narrow down my favourites to truffle & portobello.

Why is this post related to mushrooms, you might wonder? Well, answer is I had one of the yummiest mushroom dish at Pizza Marzano:
Funghi Gratinate IDR 35,000
The Funghi Gratinate is made of portobello mushrooms and béchamel sauce, cooked gratin style. What is gratin by the way? it's a way of grilling food that is topped with cheese until the top layer is brown and crisp. The cream sauce tasted just perfect with the mushroom, I can't explain further, you just have to try it for yourself.
Mocha Piccolo IDR 25,000
Thinking that I could use some energy boost to stay awake that evening, I ordered the Mocha Piccolo. The whipped cream on top was really thick, so I stirred it into the coffee. At the end of my meal, I found my coffee very oily! Yuck, I promise never to mix my coffee with whipped cream anymore!

BUT, I was rather annoyed by the fact that the staff didn't attend to our table properly. Well, I know it was Friday evening, resto is packed, everyone's busy and hungry. But hey, we are paying too and what's more, my table was actually a big table (it was a small reunion with my friends). I hope Pizza Marzano will pay more attention to this and not disappoint in my future patronage.

Pizza Marzano (Grand Indonesia)
Lower Ground West Mall (The Food Hall)
Ph: (021) 235 80150
Facebook: Pizza Marzano Indonesia


  1. Oily coffee..yuck! must be really bad, eh?
    Regarding to ur last comment, I'm sure thre are many people reading you blog posts. your photos always make my mouth waters, so I believe they do the same to a lot of people too. so lets keep doing our best, shall we? :D

  2. First pic looks really unappetizing, but hey.. sometimes picture can deceive, right? Hehehe...

    Now, I'm curious why you said, "I hope Domino's will pay more attention to this"?Why Domino? What's the relationship between Pizza Marzano and Domino?

  3. @Irene: Yup...not very appetizing indeed. It probably should've been foam instead of whipped cream. And thanks for your generous compliment, dear, same goes for your fabulous pictures! =)

    @Ka Selba: OH, that's shame on me!! I missed that error when I was rechecking before publishing it...Thanks a lot for pointing it out, Ka...
    As for the first pic, I only managed to take a few pics =( but you're right, sometimes looks can deceive =P

  4. @Ka Selba: By the way, I've decided to change the photo, is this one any better? Thank you so much for your input, Ka Selba =)

  5. Yes, this picture definitely looks better than the previous one ;)



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