Magnum Pleasure 365 Launching (hors d'oeuvres by Ismaya Catering Co)

This year,Magnum goes all out with its marketing effort, from the media advertisement, to opening its plush Magnum Cafe in one of Jakarta's popular shopping malls, to the release of various flavour variants to satiate Indonesian's demanding palates. Just a few days ago, I was invited to the opening event of Magnum's most recent campaign: Magnum Pleasure 365, in Senayan City.

Upon entering the cordoned area, you notice that there are plenty of fashion items on display, only they're covered in...guess what? Magnum Belgian chocolate! (*ahem, can I take away some of them, please? Haha). I was weak-kneed at the sight of the giant chocolate fountain, where you can dip anything from your bracelet to your face! I'm such a chocolate fan, this place feels like heaven for me. Not only that, there was also a bar area, where you can get your Magnum ice cream with any toppings from Oreo Cookie crumbs, Rainbow Chocolate rice, Coco Pops, etc. Purrfect! =D
Bath tub covered in Magnum Belgian Chocolate
Of course as a culinary connoisseur, I couldn't help but to notice the crews hovering the area in sleek uniforms, offering the guests various tempting bite-size treats and yummy beverages. Turns out, they are helpful crews from Ismaya Catering Co! Have a look at the Hors d'Ouvers they served:

Lucky me, the manager present there helpfully assisted my curious inquiries. She informed me that the menu was selected specially to suit Magnum's event. As the dessert is already taken care of by Magnum, Ismaya Catering Co was only required to serve savoury items for the Hors d'Ouvers. My favourite was the Fiesta del Rey (it's chicken in tortilla wrap on a spoon).

To conclude: Ismaya Catering Co & Magnum make such a pleasurable combo for pleasure seekers like us! Ciao.


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