Campus Find: T Grill @UPH, Lippo Karawaci

By popular request, Culinary Bonanza shall expand its coverage to include reviews on affordable & yummilicious eateries on campus sites. =)

One fine Sunday morning, I decided to venture out to Lippo Karawaci. Its Benton Junction is quite popular for the cluster of outdoor dining places. A friend of mine (who's a resident in Karawaci) recommended T Grill in Benton Junction. It is conveniently located right across from the main gate of Universitas Pelita Harapan.

I didn't quite know what to expect here, so I was quite pleasantly surprised to find the wide range of food on the menu (too bad the drinks were quite limited & ordinary). There were pastas, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, steak, rice, and other western style finger food such as calamari, chips, chicken wings, etc.

I noticed the Samurai Rice Burger on the menu and I chose that (I've never really liked the bread-buns in conventional burgers). From my past experiences of having rice burgers (I've tried from MOS Burger, Sushi Groove and McDonald's Singapore), they were all exquisite, so I have quite a high expectation for this one.
Samurai Rice Burger IDR 33,500
Ooh, sad to say, the rice patty in the Samurai Rice Burger was the worst of all rice burger patties I've ever had so far. =( This item was supposed to have mushroom, beef, onion ring and mushroom sauce, but somehow the other components tasted quite bland, while the only component that I could taste distinctly was the onion ring.

Perhaps one consolation was T Grill's affordable price and it seems quite popular, as on my visit, I saw quite a wide variety of patrons, from expatriate families, to students. I shall assume that I was rather unlucky with my choice of food this time round. Would I still consider future visits? Definitely, but I'll make a point to scrap the rice burger off my options.

T Grill
Benton Junction, Lippo Karawaci
Bulevar Palem Raya No.38 
(accessible from Lippo Supermal)


  1. I love reviews about yummy food found around university areas! :D
    the burger looks posh, too bad it's bland :)

  2. Yes, rather unfortunate, but I still have faith that the other food items are tastier =)
    By the way, so happy to finally meet you in person tonight!!



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