Campus Find: Don Amous @Binus University, Kemanggisan

The next Campus Find stopover is at Don Amous, which just opened a few months ago right next to Binus University (Kemanggisan, Anggrek campus). I went there around lunch time, so I was surprised to find it empty. Uh oh...not a good sign, but I braced myself and inquired for the menu.

Immediately, I understood why this place isn't a popular destination for lunch here. Firstly, the price isn't as cheap as the other eateries around, although, it is still comparatively cheaper than in the shopping malls. Besides, the food offered are all quite common, not something you want to wait for, especially if your lunch break is only 20 minutes long.
Grilled Beef Curry IDR 36,000
Alas, I decided to give the Grilled Beef Curry a shot. The beef turns out to be a hamburg (*hamburg is a type of Salisbury Steak made from a blend of minced beef and other ingredients, which is shaped to resemble a steak, and usually is served with gravy / brown sauce, however in this case, it is Japanese curry gravy). I used to be anti-onions, garlics, shallots and such. But ever since I realized how these pungent spices actually enrich our food, I have became a big fan! So, the sight of onion slices covering the beef hamburg was very inviting to me. And I was glad that I chose the right stuff. If you ever come to Don Amous, I'd recommend that you try the Grilled Beef Curry.

Minty Rumba IDR 24,000
Feeling experimental, I asked the crew for recommendation on what to drink. The Minty Rumba was said to be Don Amous' signature and it contains rum (another favourite of mine). On a hot day like that, mint and rum sounds like an interesting twist to quench my thirst. It was quite interesting, but I had expected the rum to taste or smell stronger.
Don Amous' interior
This definitely a place for University students to hang out after classes or to chill in the evening. Why so? There are various board games available upon request, the decor is unpretentious and comfy yet compact and more importantly, plenty of beers like Diablo, Bintang and Bali Hai to chill with.

Don Amous
Jl. Anggrek Raya, Ruko Mandala No 5 D & E (next to Binus Anggrek campus)
Kebon Jeruk - Jakarta Barat


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