DIY: French Toast

Did you know that French Toast is called "pain perdu" in French, which literally translates as the 'lost bread'? Back in the medieval times before food emulsifiers were invented, stale breads (several days old, hardened bread) were moistened and heated to revitalize it. The exact origin was not very clear, as there were accounts of similar versions of bread reviving methods all across Europe. However, the delicacy is called French Toast probably because it's an easier English name for the "pain perdu" that's widely known.

French toast is a very simple dish to prepare. I was armed with just (skinned) loaves, milk, egg and butter to make this filling and yummy breakfast.

Cook slowly over low heat
How to prepare:
Whisk the egg and milk together, add a dash of cinnamon powder as desired
- Dip the slice of loaf, in the mixture, drench well until soft and moist
- Melt a little butter on stick-free pan, place the slice of loaf and toast until golden brown
- Serve with fruit jams, chocolate spread or any toppings as desired.

Donc, bon apetit a tous! =)


  1. looks yummyyyyy :D! screw the diet, shall we? LOL :D

  2. first, think (or count the calories) later! =P

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