ninety-nine at Grand Indonesia is probably the only restaurant in Jakarta that manages to pull-off an outdoor-feel, while actually being inside a shopping mall! As ninety-nine is related to Ranch Market (an upper class supermarket chain that's reputable for its great quality & selection of fresh fruits) so you can expect the ingredients used in ninety-nine's menu to be just as great.

Nasi Goreng Kampoeng IDR 48.000
ninety-nine offers a wider variety of dishes from Classic Sandwiches, Italian Pastas, Chinese Chicken Rice, to Indonesian Oxtail Soup. But my favourite remains with the Nasi Goreng Kampoeng. Both me & my sister agreed that ninety-nine's Nasi Goreng is THE BEST we have ever eaten. You have to try it yourself, to understand why, and I'm 90% sure that you'll like it.

Iced Kiwi Berry IDR 36.000
Hot Mocha Latte IDR 28.000
To accompany our hearty lunch, I ordered the warm Mocha Latte, while my sister had the Iced Kiwi Berry. I certainly needed some caffeine to fight the post-lunchtime drowsiness...haha.

Triple Chocolate Cake IDR 34.000
And the cake: It's Triple Chocolate cake, from the bakery right smack between Ranch Market & ninety-nine. The cake was simply made of 11 alternate layers of moist chocolate sponge and white chocolate mousse, topped with rich chocolate coating and generous shavings of white chocolate. If you eat the cake at the restaurant, they'll serve it with rich vanilla vla.

I am highly biased for ninety-nine, so I'm going to give it a rating 4 out of 5. Can't wait to report future visits with different food. Cheers!

ninety-nine Restaurant

Ranch Market Grand Indonesia Shopping Town | East Mall, Lower Ground | Ph: +62 21 23581199
Ranch Market Pesanggrahan | JL Pesanggrahan No. 2 | Ph: +62 21 58304842

Operating Hours:
Monday - Sunday from 10.00 – 22.00 WIB


  1. Hahaha seemingly ninety-nine got populous fans nowadays.

    I LOVE their cakes! I consume their carrot cake and lemon meringue cake religiously. That layers-of-goodness stacked on top each other forming a beautiful cake makes a very sinful display tempting every passers-by.

    I was also particularly hooked with their sandwich that's filled with ham, topped with cheese and bechamel sauce, and then baked. Pure yumm-ness :D

  2. Hello again, Abe! Yeah, it's true that ninety-nine is fast gathering cult fans like me =P (well, who can resist good food? haha)

    I've never had carrot cake in my life (well, except for the savoury Singapore style stir-fried carrot cake that's actually made of taro). So I'll definitely try ninety-nine's for my next visit =)

  3. The fried rice looks great, yet the cake is even more tempting! the prices are quite expensive aren't they? :)

  4. Well, I have a philosophy that "Price (almost) never lies"...and ninety-nine certainly fits in this category =P

  5. Whattt? 48K for fried rice? Shocking but Ok.. I'll try your recommendation, hopefully 99 Surabaya has the menu :)

  6. @Jiewa...eyaaahh...haha...emang harganya nda nahanin! Tapi wuenakkk =P

  7. Nasi goreng 48K, pakai telur matasapi, sepotong ayam goreng dada/paha dan sate ayam 2 tusuk. Agak mahal untuk sepiring nasgor, but ... menimbang lokasi di GI, harganya jadi "diangkat".

  8. Oh really? I'm not a fans.. Went there a couple of years ago and very disappointed by the price and the kind of food they served. Some people said that the cakes were good, maybe i'll come back hehe

  9. @Violet & Dr. B: Yess!!! The price might be an issue, but for my number 1 favourite Nasi Goreng Kampung, I will do anything hehehe...And the cakes never disappoint either. =)



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