Marché @Grand Indonesia

Bonjour! After doing the review of its 2nd outlet (in Plaza Senayan), this time I'm visiting Marché's 1st outlet in Indonesia, that's located in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, West Mall. Although similar in the scandinavian market concept, this outlet doesn't seem as spacious, maybe because of the low ceiling. But it is equally sprawling in the total area.

It was post-Oktoberfest, so to sell out the leftover cakes, they offer special price IDR 25.000 for all cakes on that day. Drawn by such a sweet offer, we actually chose the cake first before picking the main course...haha.
Chocolate Bavarian (slice) cake IDR 25.000
And as usual, the food they serve is nothing less than delectectable!
Assorted Brushetta, 3 pcs for only IDR 10.000
Rösti with Cheese IDR 70.000
Salmon crêpe of The Week IDR 72.000
We thought the 3 of us (me, my sister and my baby niece that's still in my sister's belly) were hungry enough to down the 2 main course. Turns out the portion is actually huge for ladies! Lucky they allow take-aways, so just ask the attentive waiters for assistance.
Swiss Ice Coffee IDR 38.000
Oh, I love the Swiss Ice Coffee that's topped with generous dollop of whipped cream. Probably one of the finest coffee I've ever had =)

Once again, Marché left me wanting more of the Swedish market experience.

Marché Grand Indonesia (West Mall)
Entertainment District Level 3A #03 A-D
Ph: (021) 23581127 / 26


  1. Marche in GI is not the first Marche in Jakarta actually. I've been to Marche since I was a kid in Gran Melia Kuningan if I'm not mistaken...

  2. the one in Gran Melia was a different Franchise partner and was the first market entry to Indonesia for marche'. but since 2008 it no longer exist today.
    The relaunch of the SWISS marche' concept started in 2009 in Marche' Plaza Senayan and the second outlet was opened in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town in 2011.
    The place in PS is like a swiss village design with imported 500 year old original wood from the Berner Oberland (switzerland) and the one in GI is based on the italian speaking swiss region of teccino.

  3. @Anonymous: Thank you for sharing this piece of information with us =)



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