Kuppa Thai Restaurant

It's Sunday folks, so why not take your family somewhere for a scrumptious dinner? You might just want to try Kuppa, a Thai Restaurant, whose spacious interior and big tables show its commitment to attract the family crowd. And to complement that, several credit cards entitle you to 15-50% discount, such as ANZ, CIMB and BNI (the biggest slasher, 50%!).

Thai food is mostly dishes eaten with rice (almost like Indonesian food) but with Thai-style of cooking and seasonings. If someone asks me where to find good Thai restaurant, I'll most probably recommend Kuppa, here's why:
Pineapple Fried Rice IDR 59.500
Green Curry Chicken (served with Roti Prata) IDR 49.500
The pineapple fried rice has a certain smell to it (asian herbs, not sure which one), but I love the raisins & cashew nut that comes with it. Try the rice with the Green Curry Chicken and you probably can finish the rest of your rice with just the curry gravy =P Actually the fried Roti Prata was part of the reason why I ordered the Green Curry, as it is such a fond reminiscent to the Singapore Roti Prata I used to have back then.

Grilled Chicken Pandan IDR 45.500
Garlic Prawn IDR 45.500
Broccoli with Shrimp Balls IDR 65.500
These dishes above are healthy & yummy companions for your white rice (or if you want more variety, the Seafood Fried Rice is recommended...we ordered this too, but somehow I missed taking the picture).

Fried Calamari IDR 32.500
Oh, I especially love the Fried Calamari, which is fried to perfection, not overcooked (you know how chewy the squid rings could get, if cooked too long). And the batter is well-seasoned, I gotta say this is the only decent seafood version to KFC's fried chicken. :D If all seafood dishes is always as well done as these, I'll probably convert to a seafood lover! Haha...

Sea Breeze Squeeze IDR 21.500
Ah, almost forgot the drink! When you visit, do try the Sea Breeze Squeeze. It is a little sour au naturel, but you can add some simple syrup that comes with it.

For the 8 dishes 5 drinks, we only ended up paying half (thanks to BNI credit card! teehee), so it's a very good deal! Will I return here? Certainly :)

Kuppa Thai Restaurant
Plaza Indonesia, 3rd Fl Unit A19
Phone: (021) 3983-8788


  1. I don't really like Kuppa, but now I think I need to try its fried calamari ;p I loveeee Lan Na Thai, have you tried it?

  2. Hi Fooshion! Yes, I have been to Lan Na as well, the food tasted rather average for such the price they charged. But I suppose the money goes to the nice ambience in the restaurant =)
    And yes, the calamari is worth a try, do let me know what you think, when you've tried it ya =)

  3. im landed in a "yummy" blog.... wow!

  4. Hi Arief, thanks for dropping by =) Hope you will enjoy my other posts too =)



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